Coton Colors Halloween + a Giveaway

If you are familiar with HollyDays, you know we love all things cute and polka dots! So it probably won’t come as a surprise to you that we love Coton Colors goodies! A family-based business, Coton Colors produces handcrafted items for tabletop and celebratory products.

Coton Colors Happy Everything


We’ve used some of their products to display our Halloween goodies. Now, I am not a lover of spooky stuff, so these Skully prints are the perfect amount of spooky cute!

Coton Colors Happy Everything

Laura Johnson started her company in her garage hand-painting cotton clothing (I love that she’s a fellow mom with a passion to create). This year, they introduced Swap Textiles, a collection of tabletop linens that reflects their textile roots. I am using their super cute Skully Towels (retail $14.95+$18.95) at our house for our Halloween decor.

Coton Colors Swap Textiles

I absolutely love their “Happy Everything” Platters. I have the mini platter ($44.95 retail) and plate stand ($15.95). They have removable attachments so you can leave them up year-round and change them out with each season/holiday. Our passion at HollyDays is to help families celebrate and find joy in the everyday and I love how this platter is a precious daily reminder. 

Coton Colors Happy Everything

Ok, so now for the HAPPY news…

We are SO excited to be giving away a $50 Coton Colors Gift Card!
Comment below so you will be registered to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sign up to receive Coton Colors’ Special Offers:

 We’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, October 23rd.

You’ll see more of Coton Colors’ cute goodies when we introduce our Christmas Collections next week!

Good Luck!


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Halloween Spider Cupcake Tutorial

Halloween is approaching and I wanted to share an easy and super cute spider cupcake tutorial. Last weekend, I was invited to a Halloween party and I thought it would be fun to make some cupcakes with a little Halloween twist. This one is really easy and a fun one to do with the kids.

HollyDays Halloween Spider Cupcake Tutorial

Halloween Spider Cupcakes Tutorial

Here’s what you will need for the cupcakes:

- Boxed cupcake mix + ingredients (I don’t make homemade cupcakes, you can, though!)
- Icing (I did make buttercream – 1 cup butter, 1 cup powdered sugar, 1 tsp vanilla, 1/2 tsp almond flavoring + 2 TBSP milk) + food coloring
- Sour Punch Straws (in the candy aisle – I happened to find them at the checkout of Hobby Lobby)
- Candy Eyeballs (you can get these online or at your local craft store or bakery store)
- Sprinkles (of course!)
- Cupcake Wrappers (I think they really finish off the cute look – you can get ours HERE)

Halloween Spider Cupcakes

First, bake your cupcakes (chocolate, yellow, whatever flavor you wish) and make the icing. My recipe is add 2 sticks butter (unsalted real butter, yes) softened. (I always forget to leave out on the counter to soften and yes, even when I did this tutorial, I had to pop them in the microwave for a few seconds.) Then, cream the butter with the vanilla and almond flavoring. Add the powdered sugar a cup at a time so you don’t get a big poof of white stuff in your face (highly recommend not doing that) then add the milk 1 TBSP at a time to reach the desired consistency. When I made mine, I used the full 2 TBSP. Add the food coloring, just a couple drops will do. I wanted to do my spiders blue because I just think they are cuter that way and not nearly as messy as a black spider could be (seriously think about that before you jump at making them look really realistic – your couch and anything else little fingers will touch and stain will thank you).

HollyDays Halloween Spider Cupcake Tutorial

Then, put the cupcakes in the wrappers. I recommend putting the cupcakes in prior to decorating so you will not mess up the icing when you are picking them up to drop in the wrappers. Now, frost those cupcakes! This is the fun part and thank you to a sweet friend who was helping me. She decorated them beautifully. I like to use a 1M tip to decorate cupcakes. It is a large one, so this is how you achieve a nicely decorated cupcake.

Spider Cupcakes Tutorial

Ok, now cut all the Sour Punch Straws in thirds. This will give you 3 legs per straw and ultimately a lot of spider lets. Don’t forget, each spider takes 8 legs!

Spider Cupcakes Tutorial

Then, add the eyes and stick the legs in the icing and a little into the cupcake so they will stay and not fall out… and don’t forget about the sprinkles!

Halloween Spider Cupcake Tutorial

There you have it! Halloween spider cupcakes! Oh, and did you see the adorable Happy Everything Mini Platter and Halloween towels? We have an exciting giveaway coming on Friday!







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It’s Not About the Flowers

The Best Things in Life Aren't Things

I ordered flowers through a website in my childhood hometown early last week for my mom, only to find out they were never delivered. Later in the week, I called the flower shop to find out they sent an email a couple hours after I ordered saying basically, “Sorry, we don’t have those flowers today, we can’t fulfill your order, so it is cancelled. Contact us if you’d like to order more flowers.” I totally missed the email… Totally missed it. I was so very disappointed.

It occurred to me during the call that it’s not even about the flowers (although I love flowers!) I just wanted to send an unexpected surprise a couple of days earlier when it would have meant something special.

Yes, to answer the question, they did do an arrangement of flowers. I didn’t even ask what kind they were.

At HollyDays, you are our business: it’s about helping you, busy Mama, create special memories for your family, it’s about connection – so much more than paper. Just like the floral arrangement for my mom: It’s so much more than what kind of flower was in the bouquet.

HollyDays Interview on Sugar Studios

Today, I was able to share my story on a super cute blog, Sugar Studios. Casey does a really neat series on Work at Home Moms. I shared my heart. My Mom was a Stay at Home/Work at Home Mom, doing crafts to make extra money while I was little and she inspired me to do the same. I always knew when I grew up, I wanted to be just like her. Thanks, Casey, for letting me share.

Sending you ALL a big ol’ bouquet of hugs today!


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Printable October 2013 Calendar

Free Printable October 2013 Calendar


Happy October 1st! If you haven’t printed out our October calendar, here it is!


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Halloween Treat DIY: Bugs & Kisses

Bugs and Kisses Halloween Treat Tags


When we were brainstorming ideas for Halloween, Jen had the idea of “Bugs & Kisses” and I thought it was precious! This is such an easy Halloween Treat Bag idea and we wanted to share.

Here, we have it shown with a jar, but this can easily be done with clear cello bags tied with a ribbon or yarn (I like the idea of using yarn to tie them, especially for the boys). We found the “bugs” (spider rings) at a pharmacy store for less than a dollar for a good size bag. This treat bag would be a fun one to put together with the kids. I could barely get the bag in the door before my little one opened up the spider rings to play with them. This one is bound to be a hit for the kids… chocolate and bugs, what more could you ask for?!

You can purchase our “Bugs & Kisses” tags on our website:

(purple gingham)

Bugs & Kisses Halloween Treat Tags

(lime gingham)


And we’ve had several requests for an orange background for girls,
so we’ve added an orange gingham option as well:


Use special code BUGS for 25% off your Halloween Tags this week!
(valid through 10/6).


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Lately: A Little Update on What’s Going on at HollyDays

Oh yes, let’s see, It seems as if I’ve been caught up in projects lately I’m a little behind on our blog, posting on Facebook,  Instagram… you get the picture, so I wanted to share some snapshots and quick updates with you!

HollyDays Home

First of all, we are building a house and we are at the critical time of decision making, so my mind is totally wrapped up in that. We started picking out house colors this week (yikes!) and I’m am SO nervous about this and so excited at the same time. Of course that means I’ll be getting a new HollyDays office and I can’t wait to see all that come together! I’m not going to bore you with the details, so if you don’t know already, you can follow along our homebuilding process HERE.

Second, I truly appreciate all the kind words and messages we have been receiving lately about our free printable monthly calendars! Thank you! To answer the question, yes, we will be doing the free printable calendars in 2014! As you know, we release them 2 at a time right now. We may change that up a bit or we may provide a yearly download for a small price if you want to go ahead and download the whole year… we’ve still got some planning to do, so we’d love to hear your feedback on the calendars. We are so glad you are enjoying them!

HollyDays Catalog Coming Soon!

Another thing… I have been working on a HollyDays catalog for Home Show/Trunk Shows and customers who like to shop from a catalog. I was doing home shows when HollyDays first started seven years ago and I’ve been wanting to bring it back for over 2 years, so with lots of brainstorming, we have it in the works! If you’d like to receive a catalog, go HERE and enter your info and we’ll mail you one when the time comes!


One last thing… No, we aren’t doing Christmas Village this year. I’ve made some tough, but great decisions based on my definition of success and what is best for my family this year and cutting out traveling and large workloads at one time was best for me at this stage in our life. I can’t tell you how much I will miss being there this year. We are planning on having a Trunk Show in Birmingham around the holidays, so if you are in the area, it’s one on the list of three locations so far. We’ll talk about that more in the near future!

Oh, and we’ll be introducing some new products, soon!…

Personalized iPhone cover

Ok, there you have it… a long, rambling post about a variety of things rolling around in my head right now. I sure feel better getting it all out there! Hope you have a great day!



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Halloween Paper Goodies + FREE Shipping!

Halloween Treat Bags

Our Halloween Goodies on on the web! So go take a look and enjoy FREE shipping on ANY order on our website this week!


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Printable November & December Calendars

Free Printable November & December 2013 Calendars
The last two months of 2013 are officially ready for downloading and printing. I know the end of the year is probably pretty busy for your family, so I hope these calendars help you organize and plan your holiday season. Most importantly, I hope you schedule in rest time and time to enjoy family and friends. Make these months count!

Click HERE to download November 2013

Click HERE to download December 2013

We’re hearing lots of great comments on these calendars!
What do you use your calendar for each month – meal planning, schedule planning, etc?


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Construction Party

Construction Party Table

I have a super cute Construction Party to show you today!
Jen’s little boy turned 3 not long ago and she threw the cutest party for him.

Construction Party Invitation

Construction Party Gear

Construction Party Crew Enter Sign

Construction Party Sand

Construction Party Game

Construction Party Lunch

Construction Party Drinks

Construction Party Drinks

Construction Party Food

Construction Party Cake

Construction Party Cupcakes

Construction Party Favors

Construction Party Debris

Construction Party Cute Birthday Boy

The Details…

Jen’s neighborhood clubhouse was the perfect location for the party with the sand volleyball court for the kiddos to play with their dump trucks. Lunch was served in brown paper bags with cute stickers we made to keep the bags closed. The children ate lunch on the “road” Jen made by taking black plastic tablecloths and adding yellow tape stripes down the center. I also like her “debris” trash bag. Jen doesn’t leave any detail out when planning a party!

My favorites…

- Table made with sawhorses
- Food for adults served in Toy Dump Truck
- Hard hats & aprons for the little guests
-Hard hat chocolates on top of the cupcakes

Where you can find these party supplies:

- Invitations
- Water Bottle Labels
- Cupcake Wrappers
-Lunch Bag Stickers
-Party Favor Stickers
-Hard Hats
-Aprons (Home Depot Kids’ Workshops)
-Hard Hat Cupcake Chocolates
-Party Signs
-Thank you Notes

I just loved this party! So cute and so perfect for a little boy!


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Printable September & October Calendars

Free printable September 2013 Calendar


The kids are back in school and the weather is starting to give hints of Fall around the corner. In case you haven’t downloaded our September calendar yet, here’s the link! Below, you will also find a link to download the October calendar, too.


Click HERE to download September 2013

Free printable September & October Calendar


Click HERE to download October 2013

We will also be posting November & December next week,
as we know these next four months are very busy ones!

Happy Weekend!


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