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My Family is Moving

I have so many emotions right now… Excitement, fear, sadness and yet at the same time, peace. It’s a little strange and I can’t wrap my head around it quite yet. We got a contract on our house 5 weeks after listing it and my husband and I have been working quickly to get everything ready for the move. With that said, my announcement today is that in just one week, my family is moving to Fairhope, Alabama. HollyDays will continue and the only difference you should notice is the return address on your package! Here’s what this means… I will be working from Fairhope…

{Here are some cute little pics from our About Us page…}

Jen returned from maternity leave this week and she will be working from home in

Birmingham, Alabama

 I’ll share more about our decision to move our family in upcoming posts, but for now, I just want to say thank you to my loyal local customers here in Birmingham… I am so grateful to you, as you were the ones who helped me get started! You bought my things when I was set up at a little table at a craft fair and you came back… you told your friends and your friends told their friends… and my business grew and grew. It has been such a pleasure getting to know so many of you on a personal basis. I will miss you!

We will be back in Birmingham in less than 2 months from now for
Christmas Village {October 31-November 4} & again for Cottontails Village {March 2-4, 2013}!

Here we go…

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New Orleans Trip and my Beignet Smile

We just got back last week from a trip to New Orleans. My husband had some agents to visit, so I tagged along because it was his birthday weekend. We had a really fun time and ate some really good food. Two things I love for sure, food and pretty architecture and New Orleans has plenty of it. Here are some of my favorite pictures I took.

New Orleans Royal Street

New Orleans Royal Street

Shopping on New Orleans Royal Street

New Orleans Jackson Square

Ok, now for the food. You knew I would get to that part, didn’t you?! Well, too bad I ate it all before I could take pictures except for Cafe Du Monde. Yes, beignets do deserve a photoshoot.

Cafe Du Monde Beignets

Yummy… just puts a smile on your face. Funny how you can still eat those hot fried things even when it felt like it was 100 degrees outside!

Cafe Du Monde Beignet

I think I’m going to try to make some myself this week with my 3-year-old. Now, we’ll just see how that goes. I pretty much think it is going to end in one big powdered sugar mess!

Happy Monday!

Holly McKenzie HollyDays

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