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Colorful Cupcake Cutie

We’ve got a super cute party to show you today!  I was able to do party goods for a colorful cupcake first birthday party!  Ellasyn Claire’s Mommy, Lynsey, was so kind to share the photos with us.  Here are some of the pictures from the party!

Happy First Birthday Ellasyn Claire!

{The invitation}

{Address sticker}

{Thank you note cards}

{Favor stickers}

{Stickers for party decor}

Adorable cupcake cake!  By Edgars Bakery

Is this not the sweetest cake?!  It is Ellasyn Claire’s smash cake in the shape of a cupcake!

Lynsey used our stickers on bright card stock ruffle circles
and tied them with ribbons around the candy jars.

See our stickers on the cups!  I love the muti-colored cup stack!

Here are the cute party favors.

Thank you Ellasyn Claire for sharing pictures from your sweet first birthday party!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  The party was so adorable!

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Pink, Pink, Pink Party

We have another pink birthday party to share!  A good friend of mine, Lacey, has a little girl just 5 weeks older than my little one.  We planned the birthday parties for our girls to have the same theme/color scheme so we could share some decorations = saving $$$$! so you may recognize some of the decor from my little girl’s pink cupcake birthday party.

Here’s the invitation I created with Lacey’s help/suggestions:

Ava Greer celebrated her 1st birthday in the girliest way…PINK, PINK, PINK!

Lacey really enjoyed every minute of planning and preparing for Ava Greer’s 1st Birthday party.  Friends and family celebrated with them at their house on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The weather was beautiful and windy. Their home was decorated with pink inside and out. She used HollyDays pink polka dot balloons, made two birthday banners, used pink buckets to hold water bottles and individually wrapped forks and napkins and used all shades of pink to cover the tables. There was a  pink fondant cake, pink cupcakes, pink mini cupcakes, pink M&M’s, pink chocolate covered Oreo balls on sticks, pink marshmallows on sticks, pink cotton candy, pink chocolate covered strawberries and pretzel sticks dipped in none other than pink chocolate. She also served pink lemonade and water.

This is a snapshot of the tent outside.

Lacey made a pink 2 tiered fondant cake for the guests and a smash cake for Ava Greer.

She definitely enjoyed it…

Ava Greer’s mommy made her a party hat that is shown sitting on the table because Ava Greer wouldn’t keep it on her head.  Oh well!  It was super cute anyway!

Lacey used the personalized stickers we made to make cupcake toppers, cute cups and party favors; cupcakes in a jar.

We also made some water bottle wrappers, too!

… and a matching plate!
Lacey displayed the plate in the foyer of her home during the party.

What a fun party!  Thank you for sharing the photos with us!

Hope you have a wonderful day today!

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1st Birthday Party {Part 3}

Ok, this is my last post with photos from my little girl’s pink cupcake party.  I had so much fun planning it.  It has me inspired to do more parties! (don’t tell my husband, he already thinks I’m crazy enough as it is!)  In fact, we did a shower last weekend for our friends who are having a baby boy.  I can’t wait to share a few of the decorations from the party, but until then, here are some more pink pics!

The smash cake.  The one that ended up all over the place and even in Mommy’s hair.

Remember our poms from a recent show we did?  We did more to hang in the trees in the backyard.

Actually, my friend made them with our tissue paper and her grandmother fluffed them…

See the polka dot balloons?!  Love them, don’t you?!  Well, we’ll be adding them to our website soon, but if you are interested, just contact us and we’ll get some to you!  They come in Pink, Chocolate Brown, Lime Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Robin’s Egg Blue, Wildberry (hot pink) and Purple!  They are $3.25 per pack of 5.  We also have the pearl pink balloons available, as well.

We bought a big pink tub from Target and pink balls for the kiddos to play with in the backyard.

One thing I learned through all of this is to remember who you are doing the party for and to cherish every moment of it.  Really.  I look back on this day as fun for me, but best of all it was fun for Karidyn.  That’s what matters.  I’d have to say, judging by her reactions all day, it was one of the best days of her life so far… and that’s what makes me proud.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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1st Birthday Party {Part 2}

Here are more of my favorite pictures from my daughter’s pink cupcake 1st Birthday Party.

Fondant cake and cupcake stand.  With the help of my friend, Lacey, I was able to do my very 1st fondant cake (so don’t look too close!).

White chocolate (dyed pink) cupcakes on a stick

Cupcake Pops!

Pink marshmallows

This is the view from the back of the food table.  We had the party at 11:30, so we served lunch in addition to all the goodies.  Chic-Fil-A chicken nuggets, sandwiches we made with some good stuff from Newk’s Cafe (chicken salad, pimento and Newk’s Q… yummy!) and fruit skewers made by my friends, Lacey and Tara.  Fruit dip… pink of course!

Birthday banner on the fireplace mantle along with the framed invitation and a cupcake in a cupcake stand.

We served Strawberry Lemonade and Cherry Limeade.

{Waterbottle labels that matched the party decor.}

I made these sugar cookies with royal icing.  Turned out ok, but took a LONG time.  Now I know why people who make these charge $2-$3 and up for these babies!

The party favors were strawberry or vanilla  “cupcakes in a jar” for the guests to take home.

That’s enough for now!  I still have a few more I want to show you, so those will come next.  Sorry to overwhelm you with so many photos.  At least I haven’t shown you the other 600!

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1st Birthday Party {Part 1}

I am so excited!  Here are the pictures from our little one’s first birthday party!  This will have to be broken up into several blog posts, so this is the first of a couple.  We’ll start from the outside and work our way inside.  The theme for the party was cupcakes and of course, pink, pink and pink!

Outside, we made a large cupcake out of wood.  I painted and glittered it to match the invitations.

I bought some tiny buckets at Michael’s craft store after Christmas and spray painted them pink.  My sister-in-law made the pink vinyl polka dots that I stuck on the buckets… much faster and easier than painting dots!  We filled the buckets with pink carnations. They lined our sidewalk to the front door.

{door sign on our front door to match party decor}

For Karidyn’s high chair, I made a tulle tutu for the front.  Personalized plates available here.

I made the hat to match… and she actually wore it!
Too busy eating cake to realize it was on her head!

Those are all the pictures for today, sorry for not showing the cakes, cupcakes and food spread!  Make sure you come back this week so you can see what’s inside!

Hope you have a great day!

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