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It’s Not About the Flowers

The Best Things in Life Aren't Things

I ordered flowers through a website in my childhood hometown early last week for my mom, only to find out they were never delivered. Later in the week, I called the flower shop to find out they sent an email a couple hours after I ordered saying basically, “Sorry, we don’t have those flowers today, we can’t fulfill your order, so it is cancelled. Contact us if you’d like to order more flowers.” I totally missed the email… Totally missed it. I was so very disappointed.

It occurred to me during the call that it’s not even about the flowers (although I love flowers!) I just wanted to send an unexpected surprise a couple of days earlier when it would have meant something special.

Yes, to answer the question, they did do an arrangement of flowers. I didn’t even ask what kind they were.

At HollyDays, you are our business: it’s about helping you, busy Mama, create special memories for your family, it’s about connection – so much more than paper. Just like the floral arrangement for my mom: It’s so much more than what kind of flower was in the bouquet.

HollyDays Interview on Sugar Studios

Today, I was able to share my story on a super cute blog, Sugar Studios. Casey does a really neat series on Work at Home Moms. I shared my heart. My Mom was a Stay at Home/Work at Home Mom, doing crafts to make extra money while I was little and she inspired me to do the same. I always knew when I grew up, I wanted to be just like her. Thanks, Casey, for letting me share.

Sending you ALL a big ol’ bouquet of hugs today!


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Printable October 2013 Calendar

Free Printable October 2013 Calendar


Happy October 1st! If you haven’t printed out our October calendar, here it is!


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Printable November & December Calendars

Free Printable November & December 2013 Calendars
The last two months of 2013 are officially ready for downloading and printing. I know the end of the year is probably pretty busy for your family, so I hope these calendars help you organize and plan your holiday season. Most importantly, I hope you schedule in rest time and time to enjoy family and friends. Make these months count!

Click HERE to download November 2013

Click HERE to download December 2013

We’re hearing lots of great comments on these calendars!
What do you use your calendar for each month – meal planning, schedule planning, etc?


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A New HollyDays

Introducing HollyDays Home a Home Building + Homemaking Blog


I have had a little extra project lately. I wanted to have a place where I could talk more about home projects, decorating, family, etc. so I’ve created HollyDays Home.

Today, I talked about (drumroll please) The Family Household Budget.

Printable Family Budget

I know, you may be saying BOR-ING, but I have a handy FREE printable Excel Spreadsheet Budget that does automatic calculations (fancy, huh?)

Printable Family Budget

So go on over and check it out! We just started building our home, so we will be sharing the process with you, too.



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Summer Giveaway

HollyDays Summer Giveaway

We have a fun giveaway this week! Win this pink Joy Journal, a personalized bag tag (like this, just personalized with your info!) and a super cute pair of aqua stud earrings! You can register to win through Thursday. We’ll announce the winner on Friday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Free Printable July 2013 Calendar

Free Printable July 2013 Calendar

Our July 2013 Calendar is available for printing!

Click HERE to download

*We will offer August + September 2013 starting Tuesday
with an announcement about upcoming months calendars!

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Free Printable April 2013 Calendar

Free Printable April 2013 Calendar

Hello! We have a fresh colorful printable April 2013 calendar for you!

Download HERE

Free Printable April 2013 Calendar

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Introducing our NEW Night Notes

Night Notes Notepad To Do List

I believe this is one of the most useful products we have created! Last year, we were brainstorming ideas for 2013 and Jen suggested a notepad for a nightstand. Rather than thoughts racing through your head of all the things you need to do tomorrow while you are trying to go to sleep (I know you do it, too), you could quickly jot down your thoughts on a small notepad.

Introducing our Night Notes! Notepads to keep your thoughts on paper and off your mind! They include a great verse as a reminder to not worry…

Do not worry about tomorrow

I have been using my notepad (shown in the image above) for a couple weeks to test it out and I love it! In the morning, I tear off the sheet and I have a handy little “to do” list that I can carry with me or strategically organize them on my Daily Schedule Notepad.

Save $5

Save $5 on these new Night Notes and any other notepad (great time to pick up a Daily Schedule Notepad!) on our website. Just use code NOWORRIES at checkout through this Thursday 3/21/13 for $5 off! Each notepad has 100 70lb pages. They are great quality and have vibrant colors. The Night Notes coordinate with our Daily Schedule Notepads.

Happy Today!

Choose Joy

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A Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes

A couple months ago I saw it, a picture of a happy, smiling girl. {Well lady, I have a hard time calling myself and people my age “ladies” – “ladies” have always been older than me and after all, I still feel like a “girl”. That’s ok, right?!} So, back to the scene: I was scrolling through my Instagram or Facebook or something of that nature and I saw the picture of a happy, smiling girl and she had on these shoes, sparkly shoes, glittery sparkly shiny shoes. I didn’t think much about those shoes until I saw them somewhere else, on someone else and then I really noticed those shoes. You see, these shoes were worn by not one, but two “girls” I admire. All of a sudden, I wanted those glittery, sparkly shoes. In fact, these shoes were on sale when I finally went to go get them. Actually, the first time they were on sale when I went to this particular store shopping for a totally unrelated item and there they were: the sparkly shoes. Oh how the sequins just glittered as I walked up to them. They didn’t cost much, but it wasn’t on my shopping list, so I picked them up, slipped them on my feet: great fit, sparkly, shiny. I took them off, hesitated and set them back on the shelf. My husband was with me, “Go ahead, get them if you want them, but I don’t know what you would wear them with”. Ha, my little voice of reason – the one who always supports me, confidently questioning my need for these sparkly shoes. We left the store with what was on our list that day.

Yes, I had thought about those shoes: How long would they be there until they were all gone, did someone buy all of the size I needed, what would I wear them with? About a week later I had to go back to that store and of course, I made my way over just to check on the shoes. You know, I was obligated. $5 less. Wow, these shoes were practically begging me to buy them and what do I see – one pair left in my size.

I caved. I bought the shoes. I was really happy: excited about having them for myself and excited about my bargain glittery, sparkly shoes. Those shoes sat in my closet for about 2 weeks. Yes, I slipped them on to see how they felt: sparkly. I think I tried them on with almost all my outfits for those weeks. “Does this look good with these shoes?” I’d ask my husband. “Sure”, he’d say. Not the answer I was looking for. I know when he says “sure” or “that looks fine.” it really means it’s acceptable in man-talk. Translation “Not pretty”, “Not super duper cute” in girl-talk or at least in my little mommy of a 3-year-old girl world. I’d slip off the shoes and put on my trusty brown ballerina flats. Perfect. I’d be on my way.

Finally after those couple weeks, I started thinking: you know, these shoes may not be for me. Do I actually like them or did I like them because I saw that someone else liked them? They are pretty, don’t get me wrong, I like pink, I like girly, but deep down, I’m not the sequiny sparkly type (gasp!) I’m more of a southern coastal girl. Lately, I’ve really started thinking about what matters to me most: What will my legacy be? Whose lives will I change? Who will I see in Heaven because of the work God did through me? That’s where I really want to sparkle.

You see, there is a story of a girl, Dorothy, we all know her… the girl who wanted to get out of Kansas, who wanted to be somewhere else/something else. Well, she had her chance “over the rainbow” and got a pretty pair of red glittery, sparkly shoes. She had quite an adventure, but in the end she realized “There’s no place like home”. You know, I think most of us may say the same thing, at least, I hope you can.

The funny part about my story is that one day I made up my mind that I was wearing the shoes. I was really excited. I slipped them on and proceeded to walk out of my bedroom. Wait. They are slipping on my feet. What? Are they not the right size? The size I tried on and walked in at the store? I took them off, looked at the size, yep, 1/2 a size too big. That doesn’t make sense! I looked at the shoe box. There was the problem: I bought them in the box that was my size, but the shoes were switched and they were actually 1/2 a size larger than the size that was printed on the box. Really funny. The shoes went back to the store that day and I haven’t looked back.

It’s funny how a shoe 1/2 a size too big can be such a big deal. They weren’t for me, sequins, size and all. Even though they were off just a little bit, they weren’t my perfect fit, just like things we think we want. It doesn’t have to be a pair of shoes, it can be anything: a car, a house, even a so called “perfect life” of a “happy smiling girl”. It might not be so perfect if you were to walk a mile in her shoes, sparkly or not. Enjoy today. Enjoy your life. We only have one and it’s a perfect fit.

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Introducing our new Journals


I am so excited about our newest product! We’ve had these ready for quite a while and I’ve been anxiously awaiting this day when I could share them with you! Introducing our new hard cover Journals! These amazing journals have 120 pages, so they last a long time and are perfect for writing down your thoughts and notes. They are available in many color options.

personalized journal

Each of the pages are lined on the front side so you can continue with notes on the back side or sketching.

personalized journal

They are on sale today through Friday for $19.50 {SHOP JOURNALS HERE}

I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying using mine!

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