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My Favorites of 2010 part 2

We are back with some of our favorite designs from 2010!   We’re going to make this a quick, condensed version of some products that you may not have seen yet:

This is our cross design.  It has been very popular for clothing and for the personalized melamine plates.

Our new ladybug design has been a hit, too, this year.  We’ve been putting it on luggage tags, calling cards and plates.

We love our little owl buddy.  She has shown up on placemats like this one, note cards, party invitations, stickers, plates, clothing…

Our door signs for babies continue to be one of our most popular items.  This is one of my favorite color combinations.  These signs can go on a hospital door when the baby is born and then go on the nursery door!  These make great shower gifts.  A ribbon bow is tied on the sign to hang it up.  They can be found here on our website.

This is my favorite family enclosure card.  I love the color combination because it works well for everyone in the family.

These precious twins were born in August and after a long stay out of state, they finally came home to a happy family.  This design was on the back of their Christmas card.

This is another of my favorite birth announcements from this past year.  A modern look with a cutesy twist.

Thanks for following along as I’ve been reflecting on 2010… now on to 2011!  We have much to do, many more designs coming soon and a super cute cupcake party to show off very soon!

Hope you have a great day!

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Ladybug Design Survey

I love ladybugs, so I was super excited to design a new ladybug with some personality, but I’m sort of stuck… I can’t decide which one to go with or maybe both?  What ladybug do you like better?  A or B?

Thanks for your help!

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