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It’s Not About the Flowers

The Best Things in Life Aren't Things

I ordered flowers through a website in my childhood hometown early last week for my mom, only to find out they were never delivered. Later in the week, I called the flower shop to find out they sent an email a couple hours after I ordered saying basically, “Sorry, we don’t have those flowers today, we can’t fulfill your order, so it is cancelled. Contact us if you’d like to order more flowers.” I totally missed the email… Totally missed it. I was so very disappointed.

It occurred to me during the call that it’s not even about the flowers (although I love flowers!) I just wanted to send an unexpected surprise a couple of days earlier when it would have meant something special.

Yes, to answer the question, they did do an arrangement of flowers. I didn’t even ask what kind they were.

At HollyDays, you are our business: it’s about helping you, busy Mama, create special memories for your family, it’s about connection – so much more than paper. Just like the floral arrangement for my mom: It’s so much more than what kind of flower was in the bouquet.

HollyDays Interview on Sugar Studios

Today, I was able to share my story on a super cute blog, Sugar Studios. Casey does a really neat series on Work at Home Moms. I shared my heart. My Mom was a Stay at Home/Work at Home Mom, doing crafts to make extra money while I was little and she inspired me to do the same. I always knew when I grew up, I wanted to be just like her. Thanks, Casey, for letting me share.

Sending you ALL a big ol’ bouquet of hugs today!


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Lately: A Little Update on What’s Going on at HollyDays

Oh yes, let’s see, It seems as if I’ve been caught up in projects lately I’m a little behind on our blog, posting on Facebook,  Instagram… you get the picture, so I wanted to share some snapshots and quick updates with you!

HollyDays Home

First of all, we are building a house and we are at the critical time of decision making, so my mind is totally wrapped up in that. We started picking out house colors this week (yikes!) and I’m am SO nervous about this and so excited at the same time. Of course that means I’ll be getting a new HollyDays office and I can’t wait to see all that come together! I’m not going to bore you with the details, so if you don’t know already, you can follow along our homebuilding process HERE.

Second, I truly appreciate all the kind words and messages we have been receiving lately about our free printable monthly calendars! Thank you! To answer the question, yes, we will be doing the free printable calendars in 2014! As you know, we release them 2 at a time right now. We may change that up a bit or we may provide a yearly download for a small price if you want to go ahead and download the whole year… we’ve still got some planning to do, so we’d love to hear your feedback on the calendars. We are so glad you are enjoying them!

HollyDays Catalog Coming Soon!

Another thing… I have been working on a HollyDays catalog for Home Show/Trunk Shows and customers who like to shop from a catalog. I was doing home shows when HollyDays first started seven years ago and I’ve been wanting to bring it back for over 2 years, so with lots of brainstorming, we have it in the works! If you’d like to receive a catalog, go HERE and enter your info and we’ll mail you one when the time comes!


One last thing… No, we aren’t doing Christmas Village this year. I’ve made some tough, but great decisions based on my definition of success and what is best for my family this year and cutting out traveling and large workloads at one time was best for me at this stage in our life. I can’t tell you how much I will miss being there this year. We are planning on having a Trunk Show in Birmingham around the holidays, so if you are in the area, it’s one on the list of three locations so far. We’ll talk about that more in the near future!

Oh, and we’ll be introducing some new products, soon!…

Personalized iPhone cover

Ok, there you have it… a long, rambling post about a variety of things rolling around in my head right now. I sure feel better getting it all out there! Hope you have a great day!



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Simply Summer Coming Soon

May has been such a busy month for our families (Jen included) I think I speak for both of us when we say we are glad to see June on the horizon. It all started with my daughter’s 4th birthday party and after planning, designing and/or hosting two other large events, volunteering at a weekend leadership seminar, traveling out of town to search for items for our new home and finalizing plans for it, I am pretty exhausted. Jen has been just as busy, getting an offer/closing and moving out of her home in less than a month and that just starts her list. I’m excited about what June brings: Summer, sunshine, days at the pool and hopefully a simpler pace. I’m officially announcing our new collection today: “Simply Summer” that will debut on June 14. It’s all about some of my favorite things: relaxing near the water, enjoying the sunshine and making memories with those we love. Come on June, we’re ready for you!

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New Shipping Rates!

hollydays new shipping rate

So excited to announce our new shipping rates! We are so excited about offering this! Thinking of ordering Valentine’s tags or stickers? An order of these would qualify for the $3.50 shipping!

Also, so excited to announce the winner of our Valentine’s Goodies… Catherine C. ! Congrats Catherine!

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Keep in Touch with Us

I called from the kitchen to my husband and daughter in the living room the two nights ago: “Hey guys, dinner’s ready!” My three-year-old calls back, “Not again!” What?! We are going through the routine of her saying “I already ate”… “Yes, you ate lunch. This is dinner. You know, we eat three times every day.” So funny!

So here I am saying to you: “Hey there, make sure you are keep up with us!” You may say, “I already am, I am following you on the blog!”, Well, did you know you can find us in other places? We love to stay in touch with you, so if you aren’t following us in these places below, join us today!

HollyDays on Facebook

HollyDays on Twitter

HollyDays on Instagram

 HollyDays on Pinterest

Keep in touch & hope you have a great weekend!

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Shop Small Business Saturday

Shop Small Business Saturday

Hello there! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends! If you did a little Black Friday shopping {like me} you have since had some extra rest. I’m writing this post late tonight because tomorrow is Small Business Saturday {Nov. 24}. It’s a day when we all make a point to shop local. As a small business owner, it is easy to feel the effects when people choose not to shop local or shop small. Think small business on Saturday! I have a special code I’m offering for FREE SHIPPING on any order through November 30th! Use code THANKS at checkout. Thanks for supporting our small business!

Find out more about Small Business Saturday at or follow on Twitter @ShopSmall Use #SmallBizSat to share your photos of your shopping on Saturday as you support small businesses.

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Branding Client | Benzaia Photography Birmingham, AL

Recently HollyDays underwent a makeover. If you missed the post about the launch of our new brand you can read about it here. Branding is a symbol, design or trademark as well as the overall company culture/experience that creates company recognition. Think the golden arches, a bulls-eye or in our case a holly berry!

One of the branding projects we worked on was for Benzaia Photography in Birmingham, Alabama. You will often see Stephanie’s photos on our Christmas photo cards. As her business began growing she desired for her logo and packaging to stand out and be unique to her. After a discussion with Stephanie and research, Holly created this inspiration board based on Stephanie’s desires and personal style.

{Click image to view larger version}

Shortly after viewing the board, and with Stephanie’s approval, we went to print! The business cards and note cards are printed on watercolor paper to give additional dimension and texture to the design. Once packaged in a white envelope, clients pictures are wrapped with a gray linen ribbon embellished with a yellow B. She is very consistent and thoughtful in her presentation, that is a trademark of effective branding.

One of my favorite things we made for Stephanie was a custom stamp with the Benzaia Photography logo. It is very multifunctional, she has used it on envelopes, tags, and on backs of photos. I love it when something so simple can be so useful!

Just as Benzaia Photography loves to capture her clients’ smiles, we too love to see our clients smile when they receive their products!

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HollyDays Behind the Scenes

Well friends, today as you read this, it is officially our moving day. Our boxes are being stacked onto trucks and our furniture loaded. I took a few pictures of things around the office before we started packing and I wanted to share them with you so you could see our space. I had it filled with colorful things that inspired me!

Our phones will be down for a couple days, but should be back up on Monday. You can still leave a message and we’ll return your call. Jen and I will also be answering emails during this time.

Hope you have a great day!

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My Recent Workshop Experience | Amber Housley Inspired {A Recap}

Amber Housley Inspired Workshop

{Image by Sara E Rose Photography}

Yesterday, I was on the phone with a friend (I’ll call her “K”) and I just smiled after getting off the phone with her. She’s looking and searching to find something that she loves that she can put her heart into. I just knew I needed to write about this today because I know K isn’t alone. Just a couple weeks ago I attended a great workshop, Amber Housley Inspired in Nashville, TN. I had met Amber at a workshop I attended last year, Stationery Academy, and I was in awe of her sweet personality and ambition so I knew anything she would do would be quite amazing. The two-day workshop covered topics of defining & creating your business, marketing, dreams & goals, branding, social media, family/work balance and taking action.

{Image by Sara E Rose Photography}

I had the opportunity to meet and hear from these creative AMAZING ladies!
Sara Rose {Sara E Rose Photography}
Amber Housley {Amber Housley}
Jessica Bishop {The Budget Savvy Bride}
Courtney Dial {Pizzazzerie and Author of Push Up Pops & Candy Making for Kids}

Amber Housley Inspired

{Image by Sara E Rose Photography}

I took so much information away with me from this workshop. So if you are thinking of starting a business, I would HIGHLY recommend it. Go HERE to find out more.

Amber Housley Inspired

I want to leave you with this. In 2006, I started HollyDays as a hobby business while I was working full-time and it turned into so much more. One thing I did know, I loved being creative and I ultimately wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom. HollyDays definitely helps me feed my creative desire and as it grows, I realize I can help other moms realize their goals. When the workshop was over, we had to write down a message: if we could go back to DAY ONE of our creative business, what would we tell ourselves? If you are like me, you probably are your biggest critic. As I was talking to “K” yesterday she said “Sometimes I need my own cheerleader” – love that! Well here I am cheering for you, K, and you reading this…

My message to you:

Dream Big, YOU can do this!

What are you Dreaming about?

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Sing Loud & Proud

I wanted to share this quote with you today. Something to think about, huh? I am so thankful for the encouragement and sweet sweet comments I’ve received since Wednesday’s launch of the new HollyDays. Thank you, Thank you. You know, as a business owner in the process, sometimes we start thinking – maybe I shouldn’t do this, maybe I don’t possess all the skills necessary to be successful. I am participating in a workshop, Amber Housley Inspired, where this quote was shared.

I can’t wait to tell you more about it, but for now, are you using the talents you possess? Thank you for allowing me to use mine. Let’s all sing loud & proud and keep our woods from being silent.


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