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Party + Event Planning: A Little Series

party planning series

 I started the thought process this week: My little one, (I call her “LB” for “Little Bit” as so many of you probably call your little ones) is almost another year older!

{I didn’t realize it was such a popular nickname, I just picked it out as I looked at her when she was a fresh new baby, 5lbs 7oz, a tiny “little bit”, so that was her nickname that stuck right away. To prove my point, here she is, 11 days old, the first day her Daddy went back to work at his office, next to a normal 8.5×11″ piece of paper wearing preemie clothes that were falling off of her. So tiny!}

I am totally off track right now, but I guess I felt I needed to tell you who I
am talking about when I refer to “LB”. Now, my friends, you will know!

Anyway, where was I?

I started the thought process this week: LB is going to be 4 soon! What, I am going to have a 4 year old?! Really, it is so true. So, with exactly 3 months until the big 4th birthday, that’s where my party planning begins. 3 months is a good range for me in the birthday party planning process.

I picked up some ribbon and fabric yesterday. They all work with my vision of her 4th birthday. I love fabric, I’m not much of a seamstress. Yes, I may have won our school’s 4-H sewing competition in 4th grade, but that about wraps up my sewing career. I think I am a patient person until I am sitting in front of this machine with my foot on the pedal thinking “when is this going to be over?” I’m not cut out for a sewing career. I do it a little for my daughter, but that is about it. I love fabric for its color, patterns, texture and possibilities…

ribbon and fabric for a party

I’m not going into much detail today, but just wanted to let you know about our upcoming party planning series! I’m really excited because I am a planner and I love to help you make your parties and events special. By thinking about an event well in advance and having a strategic plan, most times you will have a less stressful event and you will be a happy hostess! I’ll walk through some easy steps to help your next event be less stressful and more organized. We’ll have a post a week about it until we wrap it up!

Have a great weekend!



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My Favorites of 2010 part 2

We are back with some of our favorite designs from 2010!   We’re going to make this a quick, condensed version of some products that you may not have seen yet:

This is our cross design.  It has been very popular for clothing and for the personalized melamine plates.

Our new ladybug design has been a hit, too, this year.  We’ve been putting it on luggage tags, calling cards and plates.

We love our little owl buddy.  She has shown up on placemats like this one, note cards, party invitations, stickers, plates, clothing…

Our door signs for babies continue to be one of our most popular items.  This is one of my favorite color combinations.  These signs can go on a hospital door when the baby is born and then go on the nursery door!  These make great shower gifts.  A ribbon bow is tied on the sign to hang it up.  They can be found here on our website.

This is my favorite family enclosure card.  I love the color combination because it works well for everyone in the family.

These precious twins were born in August and after a long stay out of state, they finally came home to a happy family.  This design was on the back of their Christmas card.

This is another of my favorite birth announcements from this past year.  A modern look with a cutesy twist.

Thanks for following along as I’ve been reflecting on 2010… now on to 2011!  We have much to do, many more designs coming soon and a super cute cupcake party to show off very soon!

Hope you have a great day!

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Woodland Baby Shower

Recently, some friends of ours had a baby boy.  Before baby Ellis was born, we helped host a baby shower for the mommy and daddy-to-be, Troy and Brittany Johnson.  Ellis’s nursery is a woodland theme, so we decided to make the shower coordinate with his nursery.  Here’s what we came up with…

We had a table at the entrance with photos of the mommy & daddy-to-be clothes-pinned on jute across a vintage frame.  We also had the framed invitation and the favors on the table.

This is a wishing tree we made for Troy & Brittany.  Each guest could fill out a card for baby Ellis and hang it on the tree.

The cards had things on it like: “I hope you learn __________________”, “I hope you aren’t afraid __________________”, “I hope you love __________________”, “I hope you laugh __________________”, etc.

The couple has a great sense of humor, so to see what their friends wrote in the blanks was quite entertaining.  In this picture both of the grandmothers are laughing at some of the wishes on the cards.  (By the way, I sure hope I look as good as they do when I’m a grandmother!)

We used more vintage touches with Fenton glassware.  We used it on the wishing tree table and the dinner tables.

Here is an example of one of the arrangements on the dinner tables.  Weren’t they precious with the old blocks around them?  Oh, one thing we learned- if you are doing an event on Mother’s Day weekend, make sure you don’t just stop in for flowers.  The florist was almost out!  Good thing they had these that looked perfect in the vases.  Our friend Mary did all the centerpieces and she did great!  Under the vases were small “logs” cut from branches to add more of a “woodland” touch!

Here is the drink table.

We had water bottles that matched the invitations.

Each of the guests could take home a set of 12 note cards and a pencil in a neat little bag.  These were for the girls and the boys got a little more “manly” geometric design- no whimsical art for them!

Here is their coordinating thank you notes:

Here’s the mommy & daddy-to-be!  Of course, they are now proud parents of an adorable little boy.  As long as he turns out like his mom he’ll be ok!

We had such a great time planning and hosting this shower!  Hope you have a great weekend!

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New Baby Door Sign

I just wanted to share a new baby door sign we did for baby Sophie who will soon be here!  Her nursery will have little birdies, so we made a sign that would coordinate with her theme.  If you are interested in this sign or any of our other hospital door signs, just contact us.  These signs make great gifts!

Hope you have a great day!

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Toadily Fun Party

We’ve got some adorable photos from a Frog Birthday Party!  Jamison turned ONE and had an adorable Frog theme party.  His mommy did such a great job.  She contacted me to do some of the paper goods for the party four months prior to the event, so she put a lot of time and love into creating it.

{fill-in-the-blanks thank you flat card and envelope}

{The dessert table}

large tiered cake + frog shaped cake +smash cake + frog cupcakes = YUMMY!

{Jamison with the frog cake}

{the food table}
All of the food had a frog theme… frogaroni, fly dip, swamp punch…

{This is Freddie, a wood frog made by Jamison’s Daddy
for photos with guests.  How cute is Freddie!}

{party favors}
bath theme: a towel, a frog bath scrub, a frog bath toy, a frog tub tread
and a personalized wood frog for each child.

{party favor stickers}

Thank you, Jamison, for sharing your fun party pictures with us!

{gift enclosure cards for Jamison when he goes to birthday parties}

Hope this inspires your creativity for your next party!

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Cutest Little Choo Choo

We just received some great pictures of a Choo Choo train party!  Brody’s mommy, Brooke, did a great job of incorporating the choo choo train theme!  Edgar’s Bakery designed the cake to match our invitations and we love it!  The party favor stickers were attached to train shaped sugar cookies.  Also, see how the invitation is framed on the table?  So cute!  For a larger picture, go to the Happy Customers page.

You can purchase the train invitations here.  Also, matching favor stickers, address stickers and thank you notes are available.

Brooke and I realized we actually knew each other from back in the pageant days (long before mommy-hood).  We were in the Miss National Peanut Festival Pageant together.  Those were the days of poofy, curly hair.  No, it wasn’t the eighties… that was me just ten years ago, NOT her,which could explain why she won and I didn’t even get into the top 10… let’s not reminisce anymore shall we!?!  :)

Hope you have a great day!  We have more party pictures coming soon (and none of me with poofy hair)!

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Open for Business!

We are trying to finish up our Cottontail’s Village Arts, Crafts & Gift Show orders, but we had to take a break to go visit our friend’s store we told you about just the other day.  Today was her grand opening!  We had a lot of fun shopping.  We bought some really cute things!  Here’s a look at her store front.

Did you see the super cute polka dot balloons?!  Well, we have great news… she got them from us!  We will be selling the oh so cute balloons just as soon as we get them up on the website.  In the meantime, if you would like some, you can just contact us via email or phone.  We’ll be glad to send some your way.  They come in Pink, Chocolate Brown, Lime Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Robin’s Egg Blue, Wildberry and Purple!  Great for birthday parties (or cute store grand openings!).  Here’s a closer look…

Here’s her sign from the logo we designed.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Welcome Baby with a Door Sign

Where have we been the past few days?!  The 102.8 degree temperature hit our little one again on Tuesday, so after a doctor trip for her, I had my own trip to the doctor the next day!  I have learned it’s virtually impossible to stay well when you have a sick baby.  Now, we are all feeling much better and on our feet again!

Are you ever looking for a creative, personalized gift for a new baby?  Take a look at our New Baby Hospital Door Signs.  The signs can be personalized with the child’s name and initial. These signs are a hit at baby showers and in the hospital.  I’ve had numerous new moms tell me they had people knocking on their hospital door asking where they got the sign.  It even happened to me when I was in the hospital delivering our baby!

Here’s the one for our little girl.  It now hangs on her bedroom door.

The fonts and colors can be changed on the signs so they can match the nursery decor!

When the baby is born, the new parents write in the birth details with a permanent marker or paint pen!

Our Baby Door Signs are available HERE!  If you don’t see a design you like, but there’s a design you like on another of our personalized items, we can create a sign just for you!

Hope you have a great day!

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Babies and More Babies

We’ve been working away this week on baby shower invitations!  By the looks of it, there are a lot of girls on their way this summer!  Here are some of the shower invitations we’ve been designing this week.  What is really neat is that by just changing the wording, these invitations can also work great for summer cookouts, wedding showers and children’s parties.

A couple of the invitations also have matching thank you cards for the daddies & mommies-to-be!  What a creative gift from the shower hosts/hostess!

Cooking Out Invitation available here
Matching thank you notes available here

Shower Invitation Set

Fiesta Invitation available here
Matching thank you notes available here

Want to know where we got these new adorable fonts?  Click on the link below and you can download some for yourself!  We love creativity at HollyDays and these fonts are just that! Amanda at Fonts for Peas takes a person’s handwriting and turns them into computer fonts!   Now, how cool is that!?

I get the cutest handwriting fonts at Fonts for Peas!

Hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of what we’ve been working on lately!  It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a whole year since my own baby showers!  Coming up this week… we’ve started planning a 1st Birthday party for our little one!  Starting this week, we’ll be posting some DIY projects for birthday parties.  Also, we’ll also be showing off more baby shower gift ideas.  Hope you have a great day!

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