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Holiday Schedule + Christmas Order Deadline

HollyDays Christmas Shopping Deadline

It’s almost Thanksgiving! It’s so hard to believe it has come so quickly! I wanted to share with you our Holiday Schedule and Christmas Order Deadline. We are cutting off Christmas orders on December 6, but we definitely have some wiggle room based on your location and items ordered. Just contact us prior to ordering and we’ll chat about it first! Some orders may require expedited shipping after Dec 6 based on your location and order date. Also, we will be taking some time “off” from production to spend some time with family & friends, move (yay!) and make some important HollyDays updates! So make sure you make a note of this if you have an upcoming January or February event!

Oh, and be on the lookout for our Black Friday Sale! Wahoo!

HollyDays Black Friday Sale

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Lately: A Little Update on What’s Going on at HollyDays

Oh yes, let’s see, It seems as if I’ve been caught up in projects lately I’m a little behind on our blog, posting on Facebook,  Instagram… you get the picture, so I wanted to share some snapshots and quick updates with you!

HollyDays Home

First of all, we are building a house and we are at the critical time of decision making, so my mind is totally wrapped up in that. We started picking out house colors this week (yikes!) and I’m am SO nervous about this and so excited at the same time. Of course that means I’ll be getting a new HollyDays office and I can’t wait to see all that come together! I’m not going to bore you with the details, so if you don’t know already, you can follow along our homebuilding process HERE.

Second, I truly appreciate all the kind words and messages we have been receiving lately about our free printable monthly calendars! Thank you! To answer the question, yes, we will be doing the free printable calendars in 2014! As you know, we release them 2 at a time right now. We may change that up a bit or we may provide a yearly download for a small price if you want to go ahead and download the whole year… we’ve still got some planning to do, so we’d love to hear your feedback on the calendars. We are so glad you are enjoying them!

HollyDays Catalog Coming Soon!

Another thing… I have been working on a HollyDays catalog for Home Show/Trunk Shows and customers who like to shop from a catalog. I was doing home shows when HollyDays first started seven years ago and I’ve been wanting to bring it back for over 2 years, so with lots of brainstorming, we have it in the works! If you’d like to receive a catalog, go HERE and enter your info and we’ll mail you one when the time comes!


One last thing… No, we aren’t doing Christmas Village this year. I’ve made some tough, but great decisions based on my definition of success and what is best for my family this year and cutting out traveling and large workloads at one time was best for me at this stage in our life. I can’t tell you how much I will miss being there this year. We are planning on having a Trunk Show in Birmingham around the holidays, so if you are in the area, it’s one on the list of three locations so far. We’ll talk about that more in the near future!

Oh, and we’ll be introducing some new products, soon!…

Personalized iPhone cover

Ok, there you have it… a long, rambling post about a variety of things rolling around in my head right now. I sure feel better getting it all out there! Hope you have a great day!



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Fairhope, AL area – Free Local Pickup

Sew Unique Fairhope, Alabama Pickiup

I am so excited to announce that we are starting to offer free pickup for our customers in Fairhope, Alabama! When you are shopping on our website, there is an option for free pickup at Sew Unique. Sew Unique is an adorable Monogramming and Gift Boutique right in the heart of Downtown Fairhope. We are so excited about this new service for you if you are in the Eastern Shore/Fairhope area!

(You can find Sew Unique Online and on Facebook!)


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Happy Summer

Happy Summer From HollyDays

Happy Summer! This is just a quick note to say hello & wish you an official “Happy Summer”! We have new products coming on the website, I’m working on uploading calendars for several upcoming months so you don’t have to just get one calendar a month out (I have heard you want this!) I’m a planner, so I understand getting organized months out vs. the week before. You’ll hear more from me tomorrow, but for now, make a splash and enjoy the summer day!

ps- loved this picture of my daughter learning to swim underwater last week. We had an opportunity to take her on a surprise quick trip to Disney World = many wonderful memories made!


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New Simply Summer Collection + Complimentary Shipping

HollyDays Simply Summer Stationery

Yippee! Are you in the full swing of summer – sun, relaxing by the pool, weekend getaways with the family? Our newest collection will bring the summer to life… fresh squeezed designs…

colorful fruit patterns

fruit pattern personalized bag tag

Nautical themed crab & fish bag tags, note cards & extra thick notepads…

crab notepad

Colorful whimsical floral patterns

pattern note cards personalized

The newest daily schedule notepad looks so fresh with our fun fruit pattern:

daily schedule notepad

The anchor design will make you want to set sail…
or at least relax you a little if you’re jotting down a quick to-do list!

anchor notepad

We hope our fresh whimsical designs help you celebrate your summer in style!

Here’s a coupon code for COMPLIMENTARY SHIPPING
on any order on our website… use code SUMMER at checkout
(code valid only through Sunday, June 16)

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Simply Summer Coming Soon

May has been such a busy month for our families (Jen included) I think I speak for both of us when we say we are glad to see June on the horizon. It all started with my daughter’s 4th birthday party and after planning, designing and/or hosting two other large events, volunteering at a weekend leadership seminar, traveling out of town to search for items for our new home and finalizing plans for it, I am pretty exhausted. Jen has been just as busy, getting an offer/closing and moving out of her home in less than a month and that just starts her list. I’m excited about what June brings: Summer, sunshine, days at the pool and hopefully a simpler pace. I’m officially announcing our new collection today: “Simply Summer” that will debut on June 14. It’s all about some of my favorite things: relaxing near the water, enjoying the sunshine and making memories with those we love. Come on June, we’re ready for you!

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Site Updates Coming + A little of what’s been going on

 I’ve been a little quiet on the blog this week because we’ve had quite a bit of custom parties we’ve been finishing up on top of our regular orders. I feel like the past few weeks have been my most consistent and busiest weeks ever – a good, but challenging thing for sure. I’m going to be updating the website with new party and event designs and for now, we’ve called it quits on custom orders since it’s becoming more and more impossible for me to stay on top of things, be a mom and feel sane at the same time. I know  a lot of you feel the same way, so with that said, I’m letting some things go and feeling good about it. Hope you have a good rest of the week and keep looking out next week for new designs on the website! Thank you, friends!

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Closed on Good Friday

Just a little note that we’ll be closed on Good Friday, March, 29, 2013.

Wishing you a great weekend with your loved ones!

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Spring Break

It doesn’t feel like spring at all here in South Alabama, but we are on Spring Break. My little one is home from preschool, so I’ll be a little quieter this week on the blog. We’ll be processing orders and answering emails, but not posting a lot on social media. I will be posting the April calendar this week!

Have a great day!


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Introducing Facebook Fast Sales

HollyDays Facebook Fast Sale

I am so excited to announce our Facebook Fast Sales on Tuesdays!

It starts this Tuesday, February 19 at 7:00 pm CST. For 3 hours only on our Facebook page, we will offer one of our current or new products on sale with FREE shipping! This will be fun and a great way to get our products at a big discount! Easy pay through PayPal, too!

Don’t forget to join us Tuesday at 7:00 pm CST on our Facebook page!

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