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Facebook Fast Sale Tonight

Facebook Fast Sale

Just a reminder… our Facebook Fast Sale is tonight! I started packing up the Waterproof Stickers from last Tuesday’s sale today and my oh my, there’s a big stack!

waterproof stickers Facebook Fast Sale

Join us tonight at 7:00 CST for one product on sale + free shipping!

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Free Printable March 2013 Calendar

Why hello there! Can you believe it is almost March? I’m sure your calendar is filling up, so here’s a FREE printable March Calendar!

Free Printable March 2013 Calendar

Download HERE

Printable March 2013 Calendar

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Introducing Facebook Fast Sales

HollyDays Facebook Fast Sale

I am so excited to announce our Facebook Fast Sales on Tuesdays!

It starts this Tuesday, February 19 at 7:00 pm CST. For 3 hours only on our Facebook page, we will offer one of our current or new products on sale with FREE shipping! This will be fun and a great way to get our products at a big discount! Easy pay through PayPal, too!

Don’t forget to join us Tuesday at 7:00 pm CST on our Facebook page!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends

Valentines Day Quote

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Party + Event Planning: The Guest List

Party Planning Guest List

This is part two of our Party + Event Planning Series:
Creating the Guest List

The second thing I do when party planning is guest list planning. This always helps me tremendously when purchasing items from plates to party favors. It helps you know with a quick glance at your list, how many adults and how many children are invited.

Here’s a printable Guest List for you!
Click on the link below to download the printable PDF file.

Party Planning Printable Guest List

Click HERE to download the printable Guest List.

Hope you have a great day!

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Party + Event Planning: Selecting a Theme

Party Planning Series

Last week, I told you about a little series we’ll be doing on the blog. I get a lot of questions from clients and friends on party planning and so I thought I can share a little insight! Now, everyone has their own way of event planning, so just because I do something as step 1, doesn’t mean that you have to go in that order, I just am giving you the way I do it and you can make it work for you. I love planning parties & events, so let’s get to the fun part…

party planning selecting a theme

This is one of my favorite parts of party planning… selecting a theme! I’m a mom of a 3, soon to be 4-year-old, so I started planning the theme of her party just about a week ago. Her birthday is at the end of April and although that may seem like a long time from now, as a busy mom, I want to have a plan so that I am not forced to rush or stressed come March! Just because I started thinking about it last week does not mean that I am always thinking about it, believe me, I don’t have time to think about my child’s birthday party, nor should I for 3 months straight. This will just allow me to get my thoughts on paper and in my head so if happen to be out shopping one day and I see the perfect party favor, etc. I can buy them and not have to think “wait, how many people should we invite, who has siblings”, etc.

Selecting a Theme

Now here’s something I do take a little seriously and I don’t want this to come out the wrong way, but parties are all about the honoree. In other words, if you are doing a party for your child, it is for your child, don’t forget that. It’s a time to celebrate, reminisce and make a new memory. It is not about having the perfect party, the most amazing sweets table or the best party favor. I am all about having a wonderful celebration, but if it is done for the wrong reasons, it becomes about you and not your child. I have seen way too many parties, way over the top done for show. In other words, don’t get discouraged when you look at Pinterest for party ideas, most things you see over and over were done for show anyway. Celebrate your child, celebrate life, celebrate a new day we are so blessed to have.

Ok, so here’s how I do it… what does the person like who you are throwing the party for? What are their hobbies? What are their favorite colors? My daughter’s second birthday party was a Parade theme. I had never heard of that theme before, I just knew she loved parades. We went to Disney World around Christmas (a few months prior to her party) and she fell in love with the parades. We had to play the Christmas parade from YouTube every day for about two months and we would have to march around the house together pretending we were in a parade, so it was clearly evident what she loved! I love parties that bring out personality. We asked the children to bring a riding toy and we provided little noisemakers for them to play and we had a parade in the park. It was such a great memory for me and so fun for her. Last year, we did a dress up/ballet theme. She wore tutus constantly and loved to dance, so I pulled things I already had together to make a theme that fit her girly dress up personality. Think outside of the box… it doesn’t have to be a character theme, it can be almost anything related to their interests.

I have a handy sheet for you to print that once you select a theme, you can jot down some notes and ideas as you come up with them throughout the planning process. At the end of the sheet, I have a “Don’t Forget” section. I always have to have this for the party. All along you will think of things that you need to remember, like buying ice!

party planning printable

Click HERE to download the printable planning notes sheet.

Hope you enjoy! Part 2 is coming next week: The Guest List

Have a great weekend!

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Valentine’s Day Order Deadline

Valentines Day Order Deadline

Today is the last day to order your Valentine’s Day Stickers & Tags!
Make sure you get your order in TODAY!

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Warehouse Sale TONIGHT!

Warehouse Sale

Don’t forget: TONIGHT is our WAREHOUSE SALE at 8:00 pm CST! We have a TON of items and supplies that need to find a new home so we can make room for new goodies! Join us on our Facebook Page at 8:00 pm CST. We will be posting an album of photos for you to purchase/bid on. We are using a new automated system that keeps up with your purchases, the quantity of items available and will invoice you after the sale. We have limited quantities of everything and most of the listings just have one item available, so make sure you join us right at 8pm!

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Party + Event Planning: A Little Series

party planning series

 I started the thought process this week: My little one, (I call her “LB” for “Little Bit” as so many of you probably call your little ones) is almost another year older!

{I didn’t realize it was such a popular nickname, I just picked it out as I looked at her when she was a fresh new baby, 5lbs 7oz, a tiny “little bit”, so that was her nickname that stuck right away. To prove my point, here she is, 11 days old, the first day her Daddy went back to work at his office, next to a normal 8.5×11″ piece of paper wearing preemie clothes that were falling off of her. So tiny!}

I am totally off track right now, but I guess I felt I needed to tell you who I
am talking about when I refer to “LB”. Now, my friends, you will know!

Anyway, where was I?

I started the thought process this week: LB is going to be 4 soon! What, I am going to have a 4 year old?! Really, it is so true. So, with exactly 3 months until the big 4th birthday, that’s where my party planning begins. 3 months is a good range for me in the birthday party planning process.

I picked up some ribbon and fabric yesterday. They all work with my vision of her 4th birthday. I love fabric, I’m not much of a seamstress. Yes, I may have won our school’s 4-H sewing competition in 4th grade, but that about wraps up my sewing career. I think I am a patient person until I am sitting in front of this machine with my foot on the pedal thinking “when is this going to be over?” I’m not cut out for a sewing career. I do it a little for my daughter, but that is about it. I love fabric for its color, patterns, texture and possibilities…

ribbon and fabric for a party

I’m not going into much detail today, but just wanted to let you know about our upcoming party planning series! I’m really excited because I am a planner and I love to help you make your parties and events special. By thinking about an event well in advance and having a strategic plan, most times you will have a less stressful event and you will be a happy hostess! I’ll walk through some easy steps to help your next event be less stressful and more organized. We’ll have a post a week about it until we wrap it up!

Have a great weekend!



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