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Christmas Village Festival | Birmingham, AL Craft Show

HollyDays Booth at Christmas Village Birmingham, AL

Hello There! I just wanted to let you know we are currently showing our products in Birmingham, AL, at the Christmas Village Festival at the BJCC. These are just a few quick photos we took today!

It is a funny thought, though, that today is Halloween and we are at a Christmas show! Oh well! Hope you have a Fun and Happy Halloween!

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A Friend | Free Printable Download

Within the past week, I’ve been able to see two of my close friends from my college days. It was so wonderful to see both girls and catch up! I just had the best time with both of them and I was sad to say goodbye. Since we just moved to a new town, I have left my close friends and I feel like I’m starting over making connections while trying hard to keep in touch with those sweet friends now 4 hours away from me. It has me thinking a lot lately of the value of friendship.

Ashley & Me on Wednesday

{I’m not really taller than her and my head is really not that large,
got to love the hold-your-arm-out-and-take-the-photo photo!}

Just a couple weeks ago when my daughter came home from her second day of K3 at her new school, out of the blue at dinner she recited the Pledge of Allegiance. You should have seen us about passing out on the floor and yet both scrambling to find our iPhones to catch the moment on video. Wow, I didn’t realize how she is soaking up so much at this age. We always have said her memory is better than ours. I promise you that if we tell her something, she doesn’t forget it! I realized it is time to start helping her learn scripture. Our first verse she learned was this:

“A friend loves at all times.” Proverbs 17:17.

Of course her way of saying it is “Friends love you all the time”. I love that. Isn’t it great to have a great friendship, to really value a friend?

I decided to make a little 5×7 print so that I can have it up as a little reminder…

A Friend Loves at All Times

I wanted to share this with you as a printable 5×7 design.
Download the PDF Printable HERE. Enjoy!

PS – Miss you sweet friends in Birmingham! Enjoyed seeing you this week, Ashley & Jennifer!


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Branding Client | Benzaia Photography Birmingham, AL

Recently HollyDays underwent a makeover. If you missed the post about the launch of our new brand you can read about it here. Branding is a symbol, design or trademark as well as the overall company culture/experience that creates company recognition. Think the golden arches, a bulls-eye or in our case a holly berry!

One of the branding projects we worked on was for Benzaia Photography in Birmingham, Alabama. You will often see Stephanie’s photos on our Christmas photo cards. As her business began growing she desired for her logo and packaging to stand out and be unique to her. After a discussion with Stephanie and research, Holly created this inspiration board based on Stephanie’s desires and personal style.

{Click image to view larger version}

Shortly after viewing the board, and with Stephanie’s approval, we went to print! The business cards and note cards are printed on watercolor paper to give additional dimension and texture to the design. Once packaged in a white envelope, clients pictures are wrapped with a gray linen ribbon embellished with a yellow B. She is very consistent and thoughtful in her presentation, that is a trademark of effective branding.

One of my favorite things we made for Stephanie was a custom stamp with the Benzaia Photography logo. It is very multifunctional, she has used it on envelopes, tags, and on backs of photos. I love it when something so simple can be so useful!

Just as Benzaia Photography loves to capture her clients’ smiles, we too love to see our clients smile when they receive their products!

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Free Facebook Timeline Cover

Halloween Facebook Timeline Cover

We have a freebie for you today! It’s a Halloween Facebook Timeline Cover. To download, just click the above image and it will take you to the full size image. Right click on the image and save it on your computer. Then, it is all ready to post on our timeline cover just like ours!

HollyDays Facebook

Oh, and if you aren’t following us on Facebook, find us HERE. We share fun pictures, information and sales on our page!

Have a great weekend!

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DIY Halloween Treat Tags & Bags

Halloween Treat Bag Tags

I cannot believe how quickly this month is passing by! October always seems to fly by with us prepping for the holidays, but this year I just don’t know where the month has gone. If it is passing by as quickly for you, you may not have thought about those Halloween treat bags for the kiddos at school, so we wanted to give you some inspiration. If you missed Jen’s creative “Trick” or “Treat” ideas earlier this month, go here and you can see them.

Our treat tags and stickers are on our website and you can add them to a variety of items to add a personalized touch. These photos are from our display at Fireflies & Fairytales in Birmingham, AL. These items are available to purchase in the store and will be available through Halloween.

Here, Jen personalized one of the stripey lime green bags with one of our cute stickers and she stamped the name on the sticker.

Halloween Treat Bag Tags

These lollipops were purchased at a dollar store and Jen added the cute stickers & tags.

Halloween Treat Bag Tags

I love this one…
Punch a hole in the top and bottom of a tag and tie twine through to wrap around the bag.

Halloween Treat Bag Tags

Hope these ideas get you thinking about a spooky cute treat this Halloween!

Halloween Treat Bag Tags

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Last Week to Order Halloween Stickers & Tags!

Halloween Stickers

Just a little reminder…

Halloween is only two weeks away!

Order your Halloween Stickers or Tags by the end of this week to make sure
you receive them in time for Halloween Treat Giving and Trick-or-Treating!

Personalized Halloween Tags

We’re delivering some Halloween stickers & tags, treat bags & tiny chevron stickers and balloons today to Fireflies & Fairytales (Birmingham, AL). You can purchase the Halloween goodies starting today at the store and they’ll be available while quantities last until Halloween!

Here’s a special code for you!

FREE Shipping on orders $20+
Use code FREEOCT
(Valid through Oct. 20)

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A Week in Instagram Photos

Southern Christmas Tablesetting

Wow, it’s been a busy week around here. I’m starting to feel the holiday stress already. I feel like I’m going to end the week ok, though, I’ve been able to accomplish a lot on my “To Do List”. We’ve started uploading some Christmas designs to the website and have a ton more to add. They should all be up within the next couple weeks. In addition to the new holiday products, I’ve been working on getting everything together for our Christmas Show. I wanted to share with you a little of our week in Instagram pictures.

{Halloween Chevron Stickers}

Halloween Chevron Stickers

{Styled shoot for upcoming magazine article}

Fall Tablesetting

{Custom Pumpkins & Pirates Party Goods}

Custom Pumpkins & Pirates Party

{A little fun craft project}

Chalkboard Bible Verse

{Local Farmers Market}

Fairhope Farmers Market

See all these and more if you follow us on Instagram: shophollydays

Have a great day!

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30th Birthday | Custom Design Project

I am excited to share this custom project. Last month, a friend of ours turned 30. His sweet wife wanted to celebrate it in a special way. She had me design cards to mail out to family and friends to return with special memories of Stephen: Thirty memories for 30 great years. What a sweet idea. Each card was tied up and packaged with a self-addressed stamped postcard for the memory to be written on and returned by a specific date. Lisa collected all the cards as they came in and on his birthday, she presented him with his family and friends’ favorite memories of him.

I’d be remiss if I failed to mention Stephen is currently winning a battle with Cancer. He was diagnosed on June 20th and has been undergoing treatment. On August 31, he was told by his surgeon that he couldn’t do surgery “because to do surgery… you have to have something to cut out… and there is nothing to cut out”. We have been praying for him continually and I do ask you to do the same, as even thought he was told it was gone, there is still a good chance it could return if they do not complete the treatment plan. He still has more Chemotherapy and then radiation. It has been a hard road for him and his family this year, but it is amazing to see the power of prayer and how God has done amazing things for them and through them each step of the way.

“Now to Him who is immeasurably able to do more
than all we ask or imagine, according to His power
that is at work within us, to Him be the glory…” 

Ephesians 3:20-21

This was a truly a special project for me and I was so happy to be able to do it for such wonderful friends.

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A “Reel” Fun Birthday Party

My good friend, Donna, hosted her daughter’s 3rd birthday party at her house last weekend. It turned out so cute, but this was no surprise, she is very creative. It was a drive-in movie themed party complete with popcorn, candy and glow sticks.

Sticking with the theme, the party was BYOC, bring your own car. The kids were adorable lined up on their cars and bikes munching on popcorn and watching the movie. Everything was so cute it was hard to choose my favorite things, but here are a few highlights:

Drive-In Movie Party by HollyDays

The sign on the front door directed traffic to the back yard for the feature presentation. The party favors were boxes of movie candy with a custom film strip sticker that read, “Thanks for coming, it’s been REEL fun! Love, Avery”. In keeping with the theme the cupcakes were topped with marshmallows to look like little buckets of popcorn. The polka dot balloons stood in galvanized buckets full of popcorn and added a pop of color on the tables.

I just couldn’t resist posting this picture. I love seeing all the kids lined up munching on popcorn completely enthralled with the movie. You never would have known that five minutes before they were running around the yard pumped full of cupcakes and Capri-Suns. This is my goal for our next birthday party!

Invitations, cupcake wrappers, birthday banner, food labels, custom favor stickers, and polka dot balloons by HollyDays.

Cupcakes by Donna Franklin (Avery’s Mommy)


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Trick or Treat | DIY Halloween Ideas

It is officially Fall, no bones about it! That means Halloween will be here before you know it! Halloween is all about tricks and treats and I have a little bit of both for our friends at school this year.

Don’t be fooled, these bones are actually pretzels with mini marshmallows dipped in white chocolate. I know the kids at school will love these, and to be honest so did I! I may have tested a couple while I was making them.

I love to bring a little unexpected treat to my son’s teachers. It is getting cooler, but during fall in Alabama, the temperature still hangs around 70-80 degrees in the afternoon. When I go to pick my son up the teachers and kids are often out on the playground and this will be a refreshing treat!

Visit the HollyDays website to find these and many more Halloween gift stickers and tags to personalize your tricks and treats.

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