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Merry Christmas!

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Breakfast with Santa

One of my friends hosted a super cute (& fun) breakfast with Santa at her home over the weekend.  She had Santa come read a story to the kiddos and then they were all able to sit in his lap and get their picture made.  She used some of our cupcake sets and bunting to decorate and had Pinterest inspired goodies.  I thought it turned out super cute!

Sausage Muffins in our Cupcake Sets (what a creative use for them!)

Snowman Donuts

Reindeer Donuts

We had so much fun! It was a perfect special day except when Santa needed to leave his car didn’t want to crank… where are those reindeer when you need them!?

Here’s our family photo with Santa…

Have a great day!

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I am writing this post at midnight because it just is the best and only time right now for me to write. We are 3/4 of the way through our busiest season of the year. We only have 12 more days for orders that will be guaranteed for Christmas. It has been much better this year, I have to admit, even though this week has been the busiest HollyDays has ever been. I am so thankful for Jennifer, for the great help she is to me, thankful for all the folks who print and package for me and especially thankful to my husband who believes 100% in HollyDays and me.  I have sleepy eyes tonight, but yet my heart is full of joy and thankfulness, which is actually unusual for me this time of year (I know that is crazy, but keep reading). HollyDays has officially been in business 5 years now and it has truly been a work of heart.  From the outside looking in at a small business, it looks fun, easy and exciting. If it does, it is only because we make it look that way ;) Don’t get me wrong, it is fun, but during the most joyous times of the year, I have not been my best self. As a business owner, I learn and grow in failure and stress.  In the past, I had to stay up until 3:00 am working tediously on orders, extremely stressed and exhausted. I know I’m not the only one, as a matter of fact, I received an email just a couple weeks ago from a business owner in that same situation. Usually, I ended up in tears and our house empty of Christmas decor until just right before Christmas because we felt like it just wouldn’t be right not to put up a tree.  This year, we are getting a tree this weekend and decorating.  This year, Jen has helped more than I can even describe proofing, shipping, customer service and the list goes on.  Yes, I’m still a little tired, but my friend Natalie Chang doesn’t call it “No Sleep November” for nothin’! I am thankful.  Thankful for my wonderful family who I was able to spend Thanksgiving with last week.

{My Dad}

{My Mom}

{Our Thanksgiving Table & Thankful Tree}

Thankful for the Christmas tree and time I am planning to spend with my little family this weekend. Thankful for the little moments that I’m not taking for granted this year.  I’m not writing this to just talk about myself.  You are probably a Mom reading this post, maybe a business owner, maybe stressed, worried, feeling like the holiday season is just something to “make it through”.  Let’s not just make it through this holiday season, let’s enjoy the process.


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