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Happy Halloween!

Hope you have a Happy Halloween!  In just couple hours, we’ll be leaving to go drop our stuff off for our Christmas Show.  I can’t wait to show pictures!

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Update and Coupon Code!

Wow, how quickly time passes.  I’ve been trying to focus all my attention to product creation/design and getting ready for our Christmas Show that officially starts two weeks FROM TODAY!  Yikes!  I have to admit, I feel like preparing for the holidays this year has been the most difficult so far because of several reasons: first, working on my two-year-old’s schedule, managing a growing business (so thankful for this), drawing and creating new designs while keeping up with current orders and custom projects.  It is so fun, though.  I’ve been putting blogging on the back burner lately, after all, something has to go there, right?

Fall is in the air here, so we are enjoying a nice cold front and it is starting to feel like the holiday season or as we like to say HollyDay Season is here!

Here’s a fun coupon code for 20% off your online order.  Use code HALLOWEENSALE at checkout to save 20%.  This coupon code is good only through Thursday, October 20, 2011.

Don’t forget your Halloween Goodie Bag Tags & Stickers… Minimum order of only 10 tags/stickers, so they are perfect for daycare, church and school goodie bags!

Have a great day!

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