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{Customer Party} Cute Cow Party

I am so excited to share some super cute party pictures from a girly cow birthday party!
This party is very girly one cute two-year-old!


{dessert table}
Cake, Cupcakes, Cow Cake Pops, Cow Rice Krispie Treats… yum!

Lunch was served, so a long table was set up for all the guests have a place to eat.
The chairs were bales of hay!

The birthday girl’s seat with one of our personalized plates that coordinated with the party
{they make great keepsakes for the birthday boy/girl}

She used glass Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino Jars for the milk bottles.
A good way to recycle the jars (especially since she has a friend who saved them up for her.)
She added our cute coordinating stickers and stripey straws and they were oh so cute!

{Sweet Tea was served in glass mason jars}

{pretty white flowers in mason jars}

{Cupcakes with our cupcake wrappers & toppers}

{Cute entrance to the party}

I couldn’t resist showing this super cute sign.
She had several posted around to show guests where to park
and direct them to the party in the backyard.

{The birthday girl in of course, cowboy boots!
They were actually her daddy’s boots when he was her age… how sweet!}

Thank you so much for sharing the Cow party pictures with us!  Hope this gives you some inspiration for your next Moo-velous party!  Just kidding… marvelous party .. can’t resist the cow jokes!

. . . . . . . .

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to our Clickin Moms winner Catherine Barrett!  Catherine wins a LIFETIME membership to Clickin Moms!

Hope you have a great day!

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Parade Party {Part 2}

I am so excited today because I have two fun things to write about…. first…This is part two of the Parade Party I had for my daughter.  If you missed it, part 1 is HERE.

Second… we have an AWESOME giveaway for a LIFETIME membership to an online photography forum, Clickin Moms… so watch out below at the end of our post for how to win!

Now to more of the party photos and credits…

Party Gazebo

Picnic Tables with the Birthday Girl’s Plate that coordinates with the party theme and provides a keepsake of the party.  Also, parade “flags” were set out as centerpieces.  They were used during the parade for the children and adults to wave.

We put a “lunch” sticker on the lunch boxes for the children

Inside the box… look how yummy and cute cheese puffs are repackaged…
the orange matched the party colors, but they are SO messy for 2-year-olds!
Sandwiches were wrapped with parchment and tied with Bakers Twine.

On to the parade!
We used white boxes for parade “supplies”
and added a sticker to the front as well as name tags.

Parade goodies… Bubbles & Tambourine!

Karidyn’s older cousins carried the parade banner sign at the front of the parade!

Here we are having fun at the parade!
The park had a sidewalk that looped around the entire park, so one trip around the circle with our instruments, flags and bubbles was perfect for the children.

We just had the most fun at the party.  I have to say it gets more fun every year as she is able to enjoy the party more and since she loves parades so much, it was perfect for her.  I encourage you to really think about something that your child would love… be creative- do they have a favorite book, food, toy?  Think out of the box!

{Personalized Paper Goods, Signs, Cupcake Wrappers,
Cupcake Toppers, Food Labels, Stickers, Lunch Boxes, Balloons)

Stripey Straws, Polka Dot Bags & Bakers Twine:
Shop Sweet Lulu

Cake: Edgars Bakery

Photography & Cake Pops: My sweet friend, Lacey {Thank you so much!}
For instructions on Cake Pops, visit Bakerella

Popcorn: Target {Yes, they have AWESOME movie theater popcorn}

Tambourine & Bubbles: Party City

Birthday Girl’s Outfit:
A BIG thank you to my Mom for helping me make it the day before the party plugged into a generator.
{because we were without power for days before and through the day after the party}
{messy face!  she thought the cake was so yummy!}


Ok… now on to the GIVEAWAY!  I am a Lifetime Member of Clickin Moms!  I of course, am just starting to learn photography, so several months ago I joined to help learn and perfect my photography skills. It is just an awesome resource for anyone wanting to learn about photography or if you even know a lot about it, it will help you with new ideas, composition, etc, as well as provide excellent referrals to photography-related products.  We have the opportunity to give away ONE lifetime membership ($195 Value).  All you need to do is comment below and you will be entered to win!  Giveaway ends Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at 5:00 pm CST and we will announce the winner on Thursday, June 30.  If you don’t win, you can try it out for only $6.00 for the first 7 days.  That’s what I did and I was hooked!  Good luck and don’t forget to comment below!


Good luck!

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An Organized Shelf & Free Download

Not long ago, my Mother-In-Law gave me a kitchen conversion chart she had photocopied for us.  I was excited about it because if you ask me now how many cups are in a pint or how many teaspoons in a Tablespoon, etc. I would have to run to my computer to Google it.  I started thinking it would be nice to have it on the inside of one of the doors of my cabinets, so I decided to type up what she gave me and make it a smaller laminated version so it would last a long time.  {You can find the link below to print your own chart}  I have also been getting on an extreme organizing kick, so I decided to organize the cabinet inside, too, so it would all look good.  Here’s what I have now: (I attached it to the inside of the cabinet door with 3M removable Command Strips.)

Click the link below to download a printable .pdf to make your own kitchen conversion chart:

HollyDays Kitchen Conversion Chart

I LOVE my vinyl labels on the sugar, flour, brown sugar, powdered sugar and salt!  I bought them from HERE.  {Unfortunately, she isn’t taking any orders this summer, but she should resume in the fall} Shelley had an AMAZING pantry makeover shown on her blog, House of Smiths, HERE.

{*I am getting in some vinyl labels soon for some other items and I can’t wait to share pics and how you can purchase them} Since then, I’ve added a hook next to the conversion chart for my super cute measuring spoons from Anthropologie.


Something else I’ve been loving is my organized spices.  I had them on a spice rack shelf thing and they always drove us crazy!  Every time we would reach for one, three would fall off the shelf.  I divided them up alphabetically  and put them in three different baskets “a-f”, “g-o” and “p-z”.  Now, they are easy to find and easy to put back!  I bought the baskets in the bath section at Target.  The manilla tags are from Staples.



Have a wonderful day!

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Parade Party {Part 1}

I am so excited to share pictures from my daughter’s 2nd Birthday Party!  You may have seen our previous post about the party goods.  Here they are in use!  You can click on the photos to view a larger version.  I am going to have a couple different posts with the photos, so there will be more photos to come… and now for Karidyn’s 2nd Birthday Parade…  {We had her party at a local park because of their wonderful sidewalk that was perfect for our parade.}


{Dessert Table}
Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows, Pop Corn, Cotton Candy & Sixlets

{The Birthday Girl’s Parade “Float”} — “I’m 2 Today!”

{Parade Sign} — Used in the parade (photos to come in upcoming post)

{Fun colored drinks with cute striped straws!}

{Water bottles with our water bottle labels}

{Juice boxes for the kids}

{Cupcakes with our cupcake wrappers and cupcake toppers}

{White Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows & our food labels}

{Cotton Candy tied with Bakers Twine}

{Yummy Sixlets}

That is all for today!  I’ll be sharing more photos soon of the party details, decorations and the parade!

If you would like any information about the products shown in the photos, please contact us for pricing/info.  Happy Party Planning!


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Parade Party

Ever since we went to Disney World in December, I knew a Parade theme would be the perfect party for my little girl’s two year birthday.  She had such a blast watching the parades and we realized how much after we returned home and started watching the parades everyday on YouTube!  I started looking for a little inspiration on the web, but I quickly realized a “Parade Party” was impossible to find, so I had to be super creative!  I wanted it a little girly, but not too girly, as a lot of party guests would be little boys.  Here’s a look at the party goods we created and we’ll be posting party pictures this week!

I can’t wait to show the pictures!

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Check Written

Thank you for the tremendous support for the sale of our Alabama Tornado Relief T-shirts.  I wanted to personally share with you that we were able to donate $4,046.26.  How thankful I am for wonderful customers who have supported this fundraising effort.  Thank you!  Here’s a picture of the check!

We are still selling the shirts HERE on our website.  We will continue to send the proceeds from the shirts to the American Red Cross for Alabama Disaster Relief.

If you would like to make a donation to the Red Cross, you can send a check to:

American Red Cross
300 Chase Park South
Hoover, AL 35244

or donate online:

The American Red Cross name is used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company, individual or political position.

For more information about the American Red Cross, please call 1-800 HELP NOW or email

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Relief T-Shirts

This week, we will be able to share with you the amount we are giving the Red Cross for disaster relief here in Alabama.  We can’t wait to share it with you.  I have to say, I have been blown away.  After the first night of posting the images on our Facebook page, we joked about having to get the shirts screen printed.  We had planned on doing them like we create our children’s personalized t-shirts.  After two days, we realized it was no joke: I was talking to the first screen printer I had in mind to go to.  Unfortunately, the first batch of shirts didn’t come out as planned and so after making the tough call to find another screen printer, we were thoroughly pleased and grateful that the second batch turned out just right.  A HUGE THANK YOU to Vulcan Promo in Homewood, Alabama for coming through for us!  Their professionalism and timing was right on and we were very happy with the results of their work.

We are still selling the Alabama Tornado Relief T-Shirts.  You can purchase them HERE on our website.

Thank you for all the photos you have shared, too!  Here are a couple…
Do you have one to share with us?  Email it to

Thank you for your tremendous support of this opportunity to raise money for the Red Cross.

The American Red Cross name is used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company, individual or political position.

For more information about the American Red Cross, please call 1-800 HELP NOW or email

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