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Last Day for Christmas Discount

Don’t forget… today is the LAST DAY to get a discount of 20% off our Christmas products on our website!  Take advantage of the deal today!  Use code EARLY10 at checkout.  We have had some issues with the code not working, so if you encounter the problems, we will add the discount before we process your credit card.  Just email us if you have problems and we’ll take off the 20%.

We made it in the Birmingham News Newspaper and yesterday!

Our press release announcing our Best Personalized Gift Award is here.  Also, be looking for our ad in Birmingham Parents in November!

We’ve been working on a lot of little projects lately.  We had a home show this week and had a lot of fun!  I haven’t had a home show in two years, so we are trying to streamline the process.  On that note, are you interested in hosting a home show in 2011?  If so, let us know and we’ll talk about the schedule.   I am working on the Home Show planning with someone who will be responsible for home show sales and sales consultants.  Yes, I said consultants.  We are working  towards having some official “HollyDays Sales Reps”… lots of things going on in addition to final preparations for our biggest show of the year, Christmas Village in Birmingham, AL {or Find it on Facebook}.  Right now, our list of things to do is down to 20 more things… yes, down.  We started with a much longer list!

Hope you have a great day today!

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Christmas Sale!

Today begins our EARLY BIRD CHRISTMAS SALE! Wahooo!  Shop now for the BEST prices of the season!  ALL Christmas Goodies are 20% off through Friday, October 22.  Use code EARLY10 at checkout.  Now, we have had some issues with the code working properly.  If you have issues, we’ll adjust your total before we run your credit card.  Also, if you want to order photo cards, but don’t have your pictures ready, no problem!  We’ll hold your order until your photos are ready.  So order TODAY!

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Parents’ Picks Awards Post-Party

Join us today on Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect Website for chances to win prizes!  It is the online party to celebrate all of the Best Product award winners.  They will be giving away one of our personalized plates!

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Welcome to the “HollyDay” Season!

I have to say that October starts the crazy holiday (we like to call it “HollyDay”) season for us.  We might not have a lot of time to blog over the next few months, so if you aren’t a follower of us on Facebook, I encourage you to join us.  That is where can jot quick notes, sales, etc. that you don’t want to miss!  It will be where we will be able to spend more time sharing info over the next few months.

I did want to share that our Halloween goodies are on the website!  Go here or click the link below to shop!

Hope you have a great week!  We just got some AWESOME party pictures from a Sweet first birthday, so hopefully we’ll be able to share those this week!

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