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You Rock!

I got an email just a couple days ago from someone who had ordered invitations from me.  She’s a friend of a friend, so I know her a little.  She said everyone loved her daughter’s first birthday invitations and I quote her… “so you ROCK!!!”  Yes, it even had three exclamation points after it!  Thanks for making my day, Lindsay, that was really a nice compliment.  Now to the real reason I’m writing this and it is not to brag…

I thought it was hilarious: first, it is usually my husband telling me I “rock”… how sweet, huh!? and an advertising campaign I started when I was at a retirement community when I was still working full time and doing HollyDays.  You see, at this community, the rocking chairs made the place.  They were a serious matter to the residents.  We didn’t realize how serious until one day we decide to update them.  The owner of the community suggested we paint them to make them stand out better against the white building.  It caused an senior community uproar.  As soon as the first chair started its transformation from white to a nice dark red shade, it was over.  Two chairs out of the 10 or 12 chairs were the only two that were painted before we had to call the whole project off.  After the petition started circulating in the community to “Keep our Rocking Chairs White”, we realized we were losing the battle!  Personally, I thought the red looked quite nice with the white building and the black shutters.  Plus, I was looking at it from a marketing perspective.  You know how you feel when you see the rocking chairs lined up along the porch of Cracker Barrel restaurant?  You feel at home, like you want to sit down and enjoy a nice glass of sweet tea and enjoy the breeze.  We were just wanting the chairs to stand out better, add a pop of color and invite people to come “sit a spell”.  We made it through the rocking chair crisis and the residents realized their voice was heard.

Anyway, while I was there I started a marketing campaign “Our Residents Rock” a play on words in honor of our beloved rocking chairs.  I don’t think there is a day that goes by that at least one of those chairs isn’t occupied by someone.  Here’s the design with the slogan that is still on their website.  I didn’t design this, I just took the picture of the super sweet spunky lady and came up with the slogan.

I have a lot of good memories from this wonderful community.  Even through the rocking chair debate, I learned that you should always stand up for what you believe in.  I would be mad if someone wanted to paint my chairs at my house without my permission, wouldn’t you?

Oh, by the way readers: You ROCK!!!

Thank you for all the photos you’ve been sending for our sample cards!  We’ll be sending you the gift certificate codes very soon as our thank you!

Also, Amy with Marvelous Mommy is doing a HollyDays giveaway on her blog.  Go here to see her review of our travel cup and register to win a HollyDays product!

Hope you have a great day!

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We Need Your Help

Hello!  We are in Christmas mode here at HollyDays (yes, I did say Christmas… yikes!), trying to get all our thoughts in order for our Christmas shows and displays/samples.  We are looking for photos for our sample Christmas cards.  If you have any photos of your child/children/family and wouldn’t mind us using them on our samples, email them to us.  We are looking for cute and clear digital photographs.  If we use your photo(s), we will give you a $10 credit for your next HollyDays purchase for every photo we use!  If you send us a professional photograph, please send us a confirmation that you have the rights to use the photo and we can use/print the photo.

Also, is there anything you would like to see us do this holiday season?  We are brainstorming some new ideas and we would love your input.  Let us know if there are any designs/styles of cards/ideas you have for us to consider!

Hope you have a great day!

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Woodland Baby Shower

Recently, some friends of ours had a baby boy.  Before baby Ellis was born, we helped host a baby shower for the mommy and daddy-to-be, Troy and Brittany Johnson.  Ellis’s nursery is a woodland theme, so we decided to make the shower coordinate with his nursery.  Here’s what we came up with…

We had a table at the entrance with photos of the mommy & daddy-to-be clothes-pinned on jute across a vintage frame.  We also had the framed invitation and the favors on the table.

This is a wishing tree we made for Troy & Brittany.  Each guest could fill out a card for baby Ellis and hang it on the tree.

The cards had things on it like: “I hope you learn __________________”, “I hope you aren’t afraid __________________”, “I hope you love __________________”, “I hope you laugh __________________”, etc.

The couple has a great sense of humor, so to see what their friends wrote in the blanks was quite entertaining.  In this picture both of the grandmothers are laughing at some of the wishes on the cards.  (By the way, I sure hope I look as good as they do when I’m a grandmother!)

We used more vintage touches with Fenton glassware.  We used it on the wishing tree table and the dinner tables.

Here is an example of one of the arrangements on the dinner tables.  Weren’t they precious with the old blocks around them?  Oh, one thing we learned- if you are doing an event on Mother’s Day weekend, make sure you don’t just stop in for flowers.  The florist was almost out!  Good thing they had these that looked perfect in the vases.  Our friend Mary did all the centerpieces and she did great!  Under the vases were small “logs” cut from branches to add more of a “woodland” touch!

Here is the drink table.

We had water bottles that matched the invitations.

Each of the guests could take home a set of 12 note cards and a pencil in a neat little bag.  These were for the girls and the boys got a little more “manly” geometric design- no whimsical art for them!

Here is their coordinating thank you notes:

Here’s the mommy & daddy-to-be!  Of course, they are now proud parents of an adorable little boy.  As long as he turns out like his mom he’ll be ok!

We had such a great time planning and hosting this shower!  Hope you have a great weekend!

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New Furniture Find

I am so excited!  We are getting a new media cabinet for our living room!  We have been looking and thinking about what we wanted for a while.  I drew out a sketch of a cabinet for us to build (yes, I said “us”, I’m a pretty good helper) since we couldn’t find the perfect one.  Lucky us, we found the PERFECT cabinet that almost looks identical to my drawing! Were they reading my mind?  It’s even the exact dimensions we needed!  It’s by a company based out of Montevallo, Alabama, Summer Classics.  You may know them for their gorgeous outdoor furniture, but they just debuted their indoor furnishings, Gabby.   The pieces look like they’ve been around for years and years.

Here’s the new cabinet we will be getting soon!
It is made of recycled Elm & Pine.
Here is some of their other beautiful pieces:
Wouldn’t you love to eat at this beautiful dining table?!
To find a Gabby dealer near you, go here.
Hope you have a great day!
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Summer Pool Party

There’s nothing like a day like today that makes you want to jump into a nice refreshing pool!  That’s why pool parties for kids are so fun!  I wanted to share one party set I created early in the season and I’ve used it a few times this summer.  These party goods are not on our website, but still can be ordered by emailing or calling us.

Hope you are staying cool this hot summer!

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Free Tutorial

Have you seen fabric rosettes?  They are everywhere now!  There are over 200 pages of Etsy listings for items made with rosettes: headbands, hairbows, necklaces, bracelets, purses, shirts and more!  I am in love with them.

I was super excited to find a FREE TUTORIAL mentioned on a blog I like to read, Polka Dot Mom.  All you have to do is go to the You Can Make This website and sign up for a free account to download the PDF tutorial.

It is so easy, girly and fun to make!  I can’t wait to put rosettes on everything I own!!! {Dear Husband: Just kidding, I wouldn’t put roses on everything, you should know that./ Dear Readers: not really, I just said that to make him feel better!}  I’m seriously walking around the house holding my one rosette I made up to everything saying… “It would look good on that and that… and that…” ha ha ha!

Hope you have a great day!

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Wedding Weekend

We had a busy wedding weekend!  My brother got married on Saturday!  The wedding was in the Birmingham, Alabama area so we had a ton of family spending time at our house during the weekend.  Here is my brother Justin and his new wife, Lauren with both of the families.

We had the rehearsal dinner at Ballantrae Golf Club in Pelham, AL.  It was great!  The evening went off without a hitch… thank goodness!  Here are some photos from the dinner.  My new sister-in-law, Lauren, loves the Atlanta Braves, so we had the dinner with a baseball theme.

{the invitation}

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  We are so happy to have Lauren in our family now!

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WOO HOO Top 5!

Great news!  We made it into the TOP 5 for Nickelodeon’s Parents’ Picks Best Personalized Gift Contest!  THANK YOU for all your votes to get us to the top five!  Yippee… top 5!  Betcha can’t tell we are excited!!!  You know what that means now?  Voting starts over!  Now, we need your help more than ever!  We would love for our personalized plates to be named the top personalized gift in the nation!  You can vote ONCE A DAY through August 31.  You can vote online or via text message.  The winner will be announced on September 15.

How to vote:

You can vote starting today by going to the following link:

Our personalized plate is the last option shown out of the five choices.

OR you can vote via text message.  Type the following code into the body of your text message: PP-1650512.  Send the message to 91757.

Thank you so much for your votes!

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Amber and Baby Darby Update

Just wanted to give you an update on Amber and baby Darby.  Amber came home on July 4th and is doing better.  Darby remains in the hospital to grow stronger and bigger and hopefully will come home in September.  She currently weighs 2.4lbs.

Here’s a picture of the sweet {tiny} Darby:

And here is Amber out of ICU!

I know this is a tough time for a new mom to come home without her baby.  The family thanks everyone for their prayers and concern.  Continue to pray for both Darby and Amber as they are both still healing and growing stronger.

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Last Day to Vote!

TODAY is the last day to help nominate us for the Best Personalized Gift!
Please go here to vote for us TODAY!

If for some reason you have trouble clicking the circle image above, here is a direct link:

The top 5 winners will be announced tomorrow and voting for the top gift will begin tomorrow!
Our fingers are crossed!
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