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Pink, Pink, Pink Party

We have another pink birthday party to share!  A good friend of mine, Lacey, has a little girl just 5 weeks older than my little one.  We planned the birthday parties for our girls to have the same theme/color scheme so we could share some decorations = saving $$$$! so you may recognize some of the decor from my little girl’s pink cupcake birthday party.

Here’s the invitation I created with Lacey’s help/suggestions:

Ava Greer celebrated her 1st birthday in the girliest way…PINK, PINK, PINK!

Lacey really enjoyed every minute of planning and preparing for Ava Greer’s 1st Birthday party.  Friends and family celebrated with them at their house on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The weather was beautiful and windy. Their home was decorated with pink inside and out. She used HollyDays pink polka dot balloons, made two birthday banners, used pink buckets to hold water bottles and individually wrapped forks and napkins and used all shades of pink to cover the tables. There was a  pink fondant cake, pink cupcakes, pink mini cupcakes, pink M&M’s, pink chocolate covered Oreo balls on sticks, pink marshmallows on sticks, pink cotton candy, pink chocolate covered strawberries and pretzel sticks dipped in none other than pink chocolate. She also served pink lemonade and water.

This is a snapshot of the tent outside.

Lacey made a pink 2 tiered fondant cake for the guests and a smash cake for Ava Greer.

She definitely enjoyed it…

Ava Greer’s mommy made her a party hat that is shown sitting on the table because Ava Greer wouldn’t keep it on her head.  Oh well!  It was super cute anyway!

Lacey used the personalized stickers we made to make cupcake toppers, cute cups and party favors; cupcakes in a jar.

We also made some water bottle wrappers, too!

… and a matching plate!
Lacey displayed the plate in the foyer of her home during the party.

What a fun party!  Thank you for sharing the photos with us!

Hope you have a wonderful day today!

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New Baby Door Sign

I just wanted to share a new baby door sign we did for baby Sophie who will soon be here!  Her nursery will have little birdies, so we made a sign that would coordinate with her theme.  If you are interested in this sign or any of our other hospital door signs, just contact us.  These signs make great gifts!

Hope you have a great day!

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Toadily Fun Party Part 2

Anna has been so kind to share more pictures of her little boy’s 1st birthday frog party.  This is a super long post because of all the photos, but well worth it!  These photos were taken by Bonnie with Blink Photography in Birmingham, AL.  The photos are great and these photos give you an idea of what the party experience was from the time you arrived at the party!  Hop on in!

Walking up to their front door.  Welcome to Froggy Bottom!  This is sure to be a fun party!

The guests are arriving.

This is the welcome sign on the front door.

Table in the Foyer.  Look at the cute frames and photos!

Mommy Anna is serving some punch at the food table.

All of the food had a cute, creative frog theme name!

And of course… the frog food!  Goldfish!

The frog cake…

and frog cupcakes…

and beautiful fondant cake…

Anna used some of the regular stickers we made to put on waterbottles.  She bought a large quantity and used them also for the party favors.

We also have waterproof stickers available and are looking into waterproof labels to wrap around the bottles.

Table Setting

Even Jamison got to sit on his own lilipad!

Adorable matching birthday hat and bib

The Birthday Boy,  Jamison!

Jamison’s cake

Oh, and even the little froggies there were able to hop around in some super fun inflatables!

It looks like everyone had so much fun!  Thank you so much for sharing these great pictures with us, Anna!  Have you ordered party supplies and/or invitations from us?  We would love to see your party photos!


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Pray for Darby & Mom Amber

Hello everyone.  I received an email today from someone who I made a baby door sign for on Friday.  Sweet baby Darby was born at 29 weeks, weighing only 2lbs, 4oz.  Everything seemed to be fine on Friday, but now Darby’s mother is in ICU.  Please read the below email about Darby and her Mommy and please keep them both in your prayers.  Leave a comment and let us know if you are praying for them.  I’ll pass on the kind words.  This is a very sweet family.

“Holly, Thank you again for making the door sign for my niece at such short notice.  Everyone adored it!  Nurses were wanting to know where I got it.  Unfortunately, it only got to hang on her door for a few short hours. After Kaitlin and I met you, we went straight back to the hospital and was faced with bad news.  My niece, Amber, was very sick.  Her blood pressure had dropped extremely low and we were told that she had a blood clot.  Within an hour, they were removing the blood clot and then her kidneys started shutting down.  She was rushed to ICU.  I truly thought we were going to lose her.  At about 3:00a.m., her blood pressure had gotten stabilized and we were given some hope.  She is still in ICU and is doing better.  Every improvement is great hope for us.  Baby Darby is still fighting as well.  Please include Amber and Darby in your daily prayers.  Our prayers were answered early Saturday morning when Amber showed some improvement.  Thank you again for your kindness and prayers.”

With Much Appreciation,

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A Beautiful View

Hope you had a great weekend.  This is what I was able to look at this weekend!  How relaxing and fun!  We spent the weekend visiting family and relaxing at Orange Beach, Alabama.  By the way, there’s no smell of oil and very few signs of it.  The water is beautiful and blue!

We spent some time walking through The Wharf in Orange Beach.  It was enjoyable for us, but we could tell the shop owners are starting to get frustrated because of the slim crowd.  Running a business is stressful enough, but without customers, they can’t stay in business.  They are worried that the media has discouraged many would-be vacationers.

Take it from me, the beach is beautiful: nice breeze, good food and plenty of sun!  Hope you had a good weekend and if you have a chance, support our Gulf beaches.  If you are planning a trip to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, go here to The Beach Facts for daily beach updates and video.

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Plate Giveaway Winner

We have our winner for the personalized plate giveaway!  We are excited to announce that Amy Henson is the winner!

We just completed a logo, business cards and stickers for her business.  We’ll be sharing those soon on our blog!  Congratulations Amy!  We are so happy for you!

{Here’s a sample personalized plate.  They are available on our website}

{there are many plate designs to choose from}

Oh, and great news… the Best Personalized Gift contest has been extended… by 20 days!  Now, you can continue to vote once a day, every day until July 6.  Remember, this contest is just to name the top 5 products in the category, then on July 7- August 31, the top 5 will be in the official contest to name the “Best Personalized Gift”.  I know, a little confusing :) so we appreciate the votes!

If for some reason you have trouble clicking the circle image above, here is a direct link:

Key Dates:

  • Vote for us every day through July 6!
  • July 7-August 31 {top 5 nominees can be voted on}
  • September 15 {Winner of “Best of Personalized Gift” announced}
Thank you, again for your votes and for participating in our plate giveaway!
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$10 Bag Sale

We are trying to clear out our bags and make room for more HollyDays brand products.  We are selling our bags DIRT CHEAP!!! This is the time to think Birthday presents…. Christmas presents.  All our bags can be purchased for only $10 each (with only $5 flat rate shipping).  Monogramming is not included.  They can be monogrammed for $7 each.  Go to our website HERE and let us know by email what bag(s) you would like and we will get it out quickly!  This sale only applies to all the bags we have in stock.  It will end when we’ve cleared out our bags.  Hurry!  Hopefully this sale won’t last long!

{example of a couple bags in stock}

Hurry!  Hopefully this sale won’t last long!

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Just too Cute

Look at this ADORABLE picture of brand new baby Ellis.  He is the son of some friends of ours.  Ellis was just born last night and is already sporting his HollyDays personalized onesie!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Toadily Fun Party

We’ve got some adorable photos from a Frog Birthday Party!  Jamison turned ONE and had an adorable Frog theme party.  His mommy did such a great job.  She contacted me to do some of the paper goods for the party four months prior to the event, so she put a lot of time and love into creating it.

{fill-in-the-blanks thank you flat card and envelope}

{The dessert table}

large tiered cake + frog shaped cake +smash cake + frog cupcakes = YUMMY!

{Jamison with the frog cake}

{the food table}
All of the food had a frog theme… frogaroni, fly dip, swamp punch…

{This is Freddie, a wood frog made by Jamison’s Daddy
for photos with guests.  How cute is Freddie!}

{party favors}
bath theme: a towel, a frog bath scrub, a frog bath toy, a frog tub tread
and a personalized wood frog for each child.

{party favor stickers}

Thank you, Jamison, for sharing your fun party pictures with us!

{gift enclosure cards for Jamison when he goes to birthday parties}

Hope this inspires your creativity for your next party!

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Personalized Plate Contest

We decided it wouldn’t be fair for us to be in a contest and you not have a chance to win something as well. How about a chance win one of the personalized plates that are in the running for the “Best Personalized Gift” award!?  How exciting, huh!?  See the announcement below for how to qualify.  Don’t forget to vote for our plate today!

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