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Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Happy Birthday to our sweet baby girl!  It is so hard to believe a whole year has passed since your birth.  It seems like you just joined our family, but at the same time it’s like you’ve been here all along.

These birthday photos were taken by Wynter Photography in Birmingham, Alabama.  Wynter is quite amazing at what she does.  I love all the pictures she has taken for us.  She is quite talented!

If you’ve been wondering where I have been, I have been a little preoccupied with party planning, myself.  Boy, a lot of work goes into a little one’s first birthday party!  Tomorrow my to do list is full, but we are almost ready!

Hope you have a great day!  We can’t wait to show you all our party pics!  We’ll have them up next week.

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Right Before My Eyes

Go. Stop. Go. Go. Stop.  I was sitting in rush hour traffic today and it seemed like I was getting nowhere.  I just hung up my cell phone (Ok, I know I shouldn’t be doing that) from talking to my husband and realized why traffic was so incredibly slow.  For those of you in the Birmingham area, you know Hwy 280 is normally a go, stop, go, stop, every morning, but this morning it was terribly slow.  One traffic light was out causing everyone to have to stop and look both ways before they went through the light.  Finally, I had made it, well almost made it, to the light.  I hung up the phone, saw the colorless stoplight and glanced to my left.  I had just missed seeing a terrible accident.  In the eastbound lane, someone had failed to look carefully.  At least three cars were involved.  One had even flipped over.  How had I not seen it?  Heard it?  I was just about five cars back from the light.  The wheels on the flipped car were still spinning and I saw one person involved in the accident open his car door and run to the flipped car.  I said a quick prayer.  People started stopping their cars and running to the accident.  Everything seemed to go in slow motion.

I went to Target after making my delivery downtown to pick up some things for my little girl’s first birthday party.  Boy, I sure am excited!  I’ve been working so hard to get things together for the big birthday bash.  It better get here soon or I’m going to be broke.  I’m sure you know how that is.  It seems like I keep coming up with project ideas or things to buy!  I picked up a tablecloth for outside table and some cups, then I remembered I needed to buy her a card.   I rarely buy cards for people (after all, I make them.  I should have made her one!)  Would you make fun of me if you would have seen me start tearing up in the card aisle?  There I was standing in the card aisle in Target and I had to grab the card and hurry out of the aisle before anyone saw my teary eyes.  How quickly this precious year has flown by.  Everyone tells you it will, but you think they are lying.  It sure is amazing: all of the things that happen right before our eyes and we don’t even realize it until it’s over.

{photo by Wynter Photography}

Hope you have a great day and take time to notice the moments you usually miss that pass by in a second.

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A Good Secret and a Winner!

We know a good secret when we hear one!  Last week we got an email from one of our customers asking about a Big Brother shirt.  Oh boy, were we excited!  She is expecting and to make the announcement she had us make her little boy a big brother shirt!  We love it when we get to make personalized items for moms who are using our products as a way to reveal a pregnancy or keeping the baby’s name a secret until the baby is born!  Usually we are making a hospital door sign for the mom or other personalized items, but we haven’t had the chance to do a big brother shirt yet… so here is how it turned out:

{We changed the little boy’s name just in case the secret is not out yet!}

{this is the image on the shirt}

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a big brother or big sister shirt.  We’ll be putting them on our website soon.  Personalized shirts are $16 for sizes up to 18m and $18 for sizes 2-6 boys and sizes 2-8 girls.

And… we have a winner for our Gussy Giveaway!

CONGRATULATIONS… Raechel @ Finding My Feet!  We are so happy for you!  I just went to her blog and spent forever reading about her precious family.

Yippee!  We had so much fun with our Gussy Giveaway!

Hope you have a great day!

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Giveaway Reminder

Hope you are having a great Monday!  This is just a reminder to register for the Gussy Giveaway that ends tonight at midnight!  Go here and comment on the post to be entered into the contest!  We’ll announce the winner tomorrow!  Good Luck!

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Photos to Share

We love it when our customers share pictures!  We received this picture from Riley’s mommy with her sporting her bunny shirt for an Easter Egg hunt this past weekend!  She is so precious and looks like she took the egg hunting seriously!  Thank you so much for sending this picture!

Of course, I have to show off my little one in her bunny shirt, too!

Do you have any pictures of your children wearing our shirts or using any of our HollyDays products?  We would love to show them off!  Plus, well send you a coupon code to save on your next purchase!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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My New Bag and a Giveaway!

The contest has ended 4-12-10 11:59pm CST.  Thank you- everyone who entered!  We’ll have more giveaways in the future!

If you’ve been following us, you have heard me mention on several occasions, “Gussy”.   Gussy is the business creation of Maggie Whitley from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Her nickname is actually “Gussy”, given to her by her mom.  It comes from the name of the goose, Gussy, in Charlotte’s Web.

{Maggie Whitley, “Gussy”}

Maggie actually works full-time at an advertising agency and nights and weekends sewing for her business.  In 2008, she taught herself to sew and has found true joy in it ever since.  We started doing business with Gussy just recently when she contacted us for some stickers to put on the packaging of all her products.  We were so excited to develop an idea for her packaging!  We noticed right off, the signature ruffle she puts on all her items: pouches, laptop bags and checkbook covers… how cute!  We decided that a ruffle would be perfect for her stickers… and this is what we created.  We used her “G” that she had already been using in her logo.

Here are the stickers on some of her products:

I just received my own Gussy bag for my laptop.  Here it is!  I absolutely LOVE it!  It fits my computer perfectly and is much more fashionable than my last computer case!

Now for some super great news…

Gussy has been so kind to offer a $30 shop credit for her store to one lucky reader!  Leave a comment on this blog post to enter the contest.  Contest ends at 11:59 pm CST on Monday, April 12.  We’ll announce the winner on Tuesday!  Good Luck!

Go here to see all of her products in her store.

Hope you have a great Friday!

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A Hoot of a Party

Look WHOO’S 2! Here are some adorable photos of an owl 2nd birthday party for Ella.  Her mommy went all out with invitations, address stickers, thank you notes, favor stickers and a matching t-shirt for Ella.

{Ella with her owl shirt!}


{address stickers}

{favor stickers}

{t-shirt design}

Contact us if you are interested in any of these party items!

Have a great day!

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Join Us For a Giveaway!

Gussy is hosting a Giveaway extravaganza… seriously!  She posted giveaways all day today and will continue through tomorrow.  Register here for our HollyDays giveaway!  While you are there, take a look at all the other fun stuff you could win just by commenting on the blog posts.

Giveaway Day ends at midnight tomorrow night.  Winners will be announced on the Gussy blog late-morning on Wednesday, April 7, 2010.  Good luck!

Hope you had a great day!

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Reason to Celebrate

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

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Big Plans Ahead

We are officially one month away from a first birthday party for our Daughter.  On April 30, she will be 1 and the big party is planned for May 1.  Of course, we’ve been planning it for quite some time, but now it’s time to get really busy.  I get asked a lot about when to start ordering supplies and planning for a party.  Well, if you are an overachiever like I tend to be, 3 months ahead, but realistically, that is not always possible.  It also makes a difference what birthday it is.  I’ve heard a lot of people go all out for the first birthday and then a little bit more low-key for other birthdays.  After all, shouldn’t it also be the “I’ve survived my first year of parenthood” Party?!  If you start planning a month to two months ahead, that is perfectly fine.   From our experience, most people get invitations in the mail 2 1/2 to 3 weeks before the party in order to ensure the recipient receives the invitation 2 weeks before the party, although I have had at least one customer order invitations on Monday for a party on Friday.  Yikes!  That is seriously pushing it!  I’ve done some research online and found that a lot of people recommend mailing the invitations a month before the party for people to have enough time to RSVP and to put it on their calendar.  Do you have any birthday party planning tips for us?  We would love to share them!

April also means planning time for us.  We will be updating our website and products this month as well.  For those of you who have visited us at a show, you know we have a lot more products than we show on our website.  No more putting it off… we are going to get down to business!  We’ll also be having some great giveaways as we get the new and updated products on the site.

Hope you are having a great day.  We are having a teething and sick baby day at our house.  Got any teething tips you want to share!? Help! :)

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