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Gussy Winner and a Couple Funnies

Wow, when we said we would do a giveaway for Gussy, we didn’t know we would have such a fabulous response!  105 entries in just a few days and there’s a winner today… Meg at Twisted Tree won our $30 HollyDays credit.  Congratulations, Meg!  We will have a Gussy giveaway next week on our blog… how exciting!

Ok, so I have to show this picture for all of you who have been there…  I had to meet a customer around lunch yesterday and my husband was so kind and came home to bring me lunch.  My little girl was asleep when I had to leave, so he said he would stay at home with her until I got back.  Well, she woke up as soon as I was pulling out of the driveway.  When I came home I noticed something on the floor.  “That’s strange, I don’t usually leave ‘those’ laying around the house”.  My husband had this picture to show me… (She’s teething this week!)

She really cracks me up sometimes.  I truly love being able to stay home with her and own my business.  It is a dream.

Here’s another one for you, too.  We just got the pictures in the mail.  When we were at our last show in Anniston, Alabama, they had the cutest little bunnies to take pictures with the children.  It was so much fun!  She scooped up that little bunny and squeezed him like her little stuffed animals at home with a loud “Ohhhhhh” which sounds like “Ewwww”…  Translation: “I love this bunny” (No bunnies were harmed, just loved on a lot!)

Hope you are having a great day!

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Our New Friend Gussy

We had the pleasure to do some business with someone in Minnesota recently.  We don’t have many northern clients yet, so it was nice to meet and do business with our very first Minnesota customer!  We made the stickers she puts on her products.  Today, she is doing a HollyDays giveaway on her blog!  Stop by and visit her site.  She has some very cool items in her shop.  We received something from her just last week.  We’ll tell you all about it very soon, but in the meantime, stop by and visit her shop yourself!

{Stickers we made for Gussy products}

I took the chance to get out and go shop at the Kids Market and Mom in Birmingham, AL, this morning and after shopping for about an hour and a half with my 11-month-old, we decided it was time to go… only to find an hour wait to check out!  It was worth it, though!  Today is the opening day for the public, so it was super busy.  We got some great bargains and a jogging stroller!!!  We’ll be getting in shape this summer!  It looks like this one, only a little dirtier so we have to do some major cleaning before we go for our first jog or walk… we’ll start with walking and see how that goes!  The front wheel turns, so I am very excited about that!  We’ve been told you have to get one that has the option of the rotating front wheel.

I can’t wait to use it!  Now, if only I can find someone to push me around in it!

Hope you are having a great day!

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Cutest Little Choo Choo

We just received some great pictures of a Choo Choo train party!  Brody’s mommy, Brooke, did a great job of incorporating the choo choo train theme!  Edgar’s Bakery designed the cake to match our invitations and we love it!  The party favor stickers were attached to train shaped sugar cookies.  Also, see how the invitation is framed on the table?  So cute!  For a larger picture, go to the Happy Customers page.

You can purchase the train invitations here.  Also, matching favor stickers, address stickers and thank you notes are available.

Brooke and I realized we actually knew each other from back in the pageant days (long before mommy-hood).  We were in the Miss National Peanut Festival Pageant together.  Those were the days of poofy, curly hair.  No, it wasn’t the eighties… that was me just ten years ago, NOT her,which could explain why she won and I didn’t even get into the top 10… let’s not reminisce anymore shall we!?!  :)

Hope you have a great day!  We have more party pictures coming soon (and none of me with poofy hair)!

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Bunny Shirts on Sale

We have some bunny shirts left from our recent shows and we’re putting them on SALE so we don’t have to keep them around here!  The normal price is $15 or $16, but we’ve put the ones we have left on sale for only $12 or $13.  Sizes up to 18 m are $12 and sizes 2 & up are $13.

The shirts have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk.  They do tend to run a little small.  We have girls sizes 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m, 4, 6 and boy sizes 3-6m, 6-12m, 2, 4, 6 available.

To purchase a shirt, send us an email or comment on this post and we’ll contact you.  We don’t have them listed on our website at this time.

We have girl shirts and boy shirts.

Hope you have a great day!

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The Good, the Bad and the Gross

Just a warning, this isn’t going to be pretty.  What a week it’s been.  If you’ve wondered where we’ve been for the past 10 days, we’ve been busy getting the rest of our Cottontail’s Village orders out and prepping for our show we had this past weekend.  We finished up, well 99.9% finished, the orders we received at Cottontails on or before last Wednesday.  That was record timing:  Our show finished on March 7, and ten days later, all the orders were out.  It was even our best spring show ever.  We were happy.

On top of all the orders, we had to prepare for our Bunnies and Blossoms show in Anniston, Alabama.  It took a lot of late nights/early mornings, but it got done!  I don’t think I went to bed before 1:00 a.m. for a week.  We almost sold out of all our shirts we had at Cottontails, so we were expecting big things from our upcoming show.  We were prepared.

We left at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, set up all day and were ready for a preview party for the Junior League that evening at 6:00 p.m.  By 6:00, we were exhausted.  We have never done a show where we had to set up and then sell stuff the same day!  Here’s our booth.  We didn’t get it 100% finished, but it looked ok.  (Notice: the pom tissue balls were missing- not enough time to do them– they were piled up in the corner behind the curtains) But…  We were satisfied.

The show started at 6:00 p.m. and lasted until 8:00.  Two sales… That’s ok, because we we knew more were coming the next couple of days when the show was open to the public.  Friday turned out to be not so good with sales, but we were ok with that too, because we knew people were working and the sales would come on Saturday.  We were ok.

Saturday came and after being open several hours with no sales, a lady came into our booth and asked for a garbage can.  Hope you are ready for what’s to come because we certainly were not… before we could pull out the can behind the checkout counter, the little girl threw up in our booth on the grass… really.  It was definitely a first for us.  We rushed to get paper towels, baby wipes, anything that she could use to clean up her child and the floor.  Well, the girl’s face was cleaned, but they took off before we even knew it and there we were, standing dumbfounded.  (I was hoping she would have cleaned or attempted to clean up the mess, but she did not. She came back to purchase something, but I think it was because she felt obligated to, so I told her she didn’t need to.  Hope I did the right thing.)  I was a wreck.

Things appeared to get better.  I had my first sale about 15-20 minutes later.  I was going to get my daughter’s picture taken with a real bunny for Easter… standing in line the little girl next to me had an accident on the floor… really.  I was amazed.

I do have to say the girls in the Junior League were awesome!  They were so super sweet to all of us and they were very organized.  We do truly appreciate them letting us participate in the show.  We are thankful.

It was truly a crazy weekend.  We are so glad to be home.  Working on orders.  Just hoping we covered our expenses for the trip.  Everyone we talked to said they were in the same boat as us sale-wise.  I guess you win some and you lose some.  That’s business.

We have some exciting things coming this week!  Plus… some cute bunny shirts on sale since we have plenty left over! :)

Have a great day!

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Open for Business!

We are trying to finish up our Cottontail’s Village Arts, Crafts & Gift Show orders, but we had to take a break to go visit our friend’s store we told you about just the other day.  Today was her grand opening!  We had a lot of fun shopping.  We bought some really cute things!  Here’s a look at her store front.

Did you see the super cute polka dot balloons?!  Well, we have great news… she got them from us!  We will be selling the oh so cute balloons just as soon as we get them up on the website.  In the meantime, if you would like some, you can just contact us via email or phone.  We’ll be glad to send some your way.  They come in Pink, Chocolate Brown, Lime Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Robin’s Egg Blue, Wildberry and Purple!  Great for birthday parties (or cute store grand openings!).  Here’s a closer look…

Here’s her sign from the logo we designed.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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A Busy Little Bee

I have a dear friend, Tiffany Townsend, who is opening a shop.  It will have new and consigned items for Children.  We are SO excited for her!  She has been working so hard to make sure everything is ready for her grand opening THIS SATURDAY!

Her store is in Hueytown, Alabama, which is near Birmingham.

She will open the doors for the first time at 10:00 am on Saturday, March 13.

1355 Hueytown Road Suite 101 Hueytown, AL 35023
(between the Dairy Queen and Library)

The store hours will be:
Tuesday-Friday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

She’s even sweet enough to let me put a few of our HollyDays products in the store.
We’ve had the privilege of designing her logo and some other fun items for her!

Hope to see you all on Saturday for the grand opening!  She will have refreshments and giving away some of our HollyDays products.  Birmingham Bargain Mom wrote an article about the store.  In the article, she says we are her sister store.  That isn’t quite correct.  Tiffany just has a few items of ours in her store {but I love her like a sister :) }

I wish you all the best and much success, Tiffany!

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Thank You

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at Cottontails Village this weekend!  We had such a fabulous time!  We are going to be VERY busy filling orders over the next couple weeks!  Here are more photos from the show.

Easter Bunny and Cross Shirts

Our Personalized Clothing and Easter Bunny Shirts

The front view of our booth

Personalized Melamine Trays

Our Tissue Poms!  We had a ton of people ask us if we sell these.
We’ll be posting a tutorial for these in the future.

Cross dresses

Easter Bunny Shirts

Our show buddies, Taylor Candles.  They have the best smelling candles!

It was such a pleasure to meet and do business with those of you who were able to attend.
Now off to work on those orders!

Hope you have a great day!

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Cottontail’s Village

What a day!  We had such a FABULOUS day at Cottontail’s Village in Birmingham, AL at the BJCC.  We enjoyed meeting so many of our customers face to face today!  Here are some photos from today.

We’ll post some more photos in the coming days.  Hope you have a great weekend!

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Hopping Down the Bunny Trail!

Today we are loading up our trailer to take our stuff to the Birmingham Civic Center for our show this weekend.  It is freezing!  It really is 36 degrees outside.  Believe me, I’d much rather be doing this in 70 degree weather and if that’s asking too much, I’ll take 50.  Oh well, we’re bundled up and loading up now.  Just wanted to take a quick break to officially invite you to the show.  We’ll be setting up all day tomorrow.  I’m hoping to be able to post some sneak peak photos for you tomorrow evening.  Hope to see you at the show!

Have a great day!

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