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A Little Birdie Told Me…

We just received some of the cutest photos from a party from this month!  Sophie turned 3 and her mommy planned a super cute “Pink Birthday Brunch”.  The party decor included pink damask and birdies.  The girls dressed up in their favorite party dresses and from the photos, it looks like they had a blast!  We created the invitations {They are available here} and the matching party favor stickers.  The cookies are from Icing on the Cookie.

A larger photo is available on our Happy Customers page.

Thank you for sharing the photos, Sophie!  Hope you had a great birthday!

Sophie's Pink Birthday Brunch

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After countless hours, our blog is finally up and running!  A big thanks to my husband who has spent countless hours more than my countless hours trying to get everything just perfect!  Here it is 11:54 pm CST and we promised ourselves a 10:00 pm bedtime… lately, we have had a lot of those nights!

Welcome to the HollyDays Blog!  This blog is for you to gain inspiration for your party, learn more about our products and find out you can take advantage of great sales and contests.  Also, you can contribute!  If you have purchased any products from us and want to show us a photo or photos of you using the product, send us your pictures and we may post them on the blog.  Also, if you send us a picture and review/comment on the product(s), we’ll send you a coupon code for savings off your next order!  How great is that!?

Oh, and since we are in the business of thanking folks, a big thanks to Frogee, our web hosting company, as well!

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Work in Progress

As you can tell, we are working away on our new blog!  We are so excited about what’s to come!  It’s almost ready and we can hardly wait to begin our blogging experience… so get ready as we are getting our fingers ready to do some typing!  We will have specials, contests, info about products and even special features you won’t want to miss!  Stay tuned!

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